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Monday, February 27, 2012

Destroying Fear Symbolically...this is a must Alpha Casanova man

If you don‟t have a supportive person to confide in, there is another way to purge your fears and
destroy them for good through strong symbolic action.
Take a clean sheet of paper and write out everything that is bothering you.  Focus not only on the
physical situations that worry you, but also the way they make you feel.  Use strong language to
express these feelings and don‟t hold back!
Example:  “These financial problems make me feel so helpless.  I feel like a victim because I
can‟t figure out a way to resolve these money problems, and that makes me so angry!  I don‟t
deserve this!  I‟m not going to accept this situation any longer!”   Really tune into your fear,
anger, despair, sadness, or any other emotion you are feeling at the time, and imagine pouring all
of it out onto that sheet of paper.
When you feel like you have fully purged the negativity from your system, take that sheet of
paper and destroy it as forcefully as you can.  Rip it into tiny pieces, shred it, burn it, flush it
down the toilet, or dump it into the trash can.
As you perform these actions, affirm that the fear is now gone – you have let it go and it cannot
come back to haunt you again.  (Don‟t worry if it actually does come back; simply repeat the
process as many times as necessary.)

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