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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Alpha Casanovas Always Bypass Her Screening with Humor

You often hear dating gurus say that humor is important to your game. Women say they like guys that can make them laugh.
But why? And what role does it play exactly? Humor does two things:
  1. It puts a woman in a positive emotional state. It can switch her from a logical mode, or negative emotional state into a positive emotional state. When you put someone in a positive emotional state they feel more attracted to you.
  2. It breaks down barriers and increases rapport between you and her. You only joke with people that you have familiarity with. Humor creates familiarity.
When you approach an attractive woman she will tend to screen you (logically) for characteristics she likes in men. Using humor puts her in a positive emotional state. She effectively forgets about screening you. When a woman laughs with you she feels a lot more comfortable. She feels like she knows you quicker. This will accelerate how quickly she will feel comfortable dating you, kissing you etc. 

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