Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Saturday, June 29, 2013

What is it that's holding you back from getting girls more attracted?
These tips have gotten a TON of results for thousands of Alphas who have applied these super easy tips:
1) Creating Curiosity from the start. If you correctly create curiosity right from the start, it will make getting girls to like you ridiculously easy.
2) Touching --this is a big one-- if you touch girls correctly in specific ways (from the moment you meet her) she will be insanely attracted to you.
3) Having Dominant Body Language --it sounds fancy, but trust me it's stupidly simple and easy to apply-- by changing the way you walk, stand, and sit women will start noticing you A LOT more.
4) Eye Contact. I can't stress how big of a difference this makes. The right eye contact can make a woman melt, and you'll feel like superman once you witness it.
5) And last, but not least is YOUR attitude. Knowing the right kind of attitude that women prefer to be around is GOLDEN, it can make the difference between landing in the friendzone OR landing her in bed.

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