Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 top tips for Effortless Conversation
1. Practice
We already mentioned this. It may not sound sexy, but practice makes perfect. The more conversations you have, the better you'll get period.
2. Know Your Strengths
If there are specific areas or topics of conversation that you are good in, use them as your go to choices.
3. Talk About Your Passions
Passion is infectious. If you're passionate about something, and you convey this in your speaking, people will be mesmerised by you. Rather than have boring conversations that you have no interest bring up something your
passion at about and try to share it with others.
4. Stories
The number 1 way that for millenia that information has been passed around between people. Some of your most valuable conversation tools and if you use stories wisely you will be an outstanding communicator,
5. Role Models
This is normally overlooked. Find role models who have the conversation style that you want to emulate. This works best with comedy. If you watch or listen to a lot of comedians you will naturally start to pick up timing and
little habits in the way they communicate.
So there you have it.

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