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Sunday, July 14, 2013

Alpha Casanova Never Brag so if You are bragging...women always can tell
The majority of men brag a lot. Especially when talking to women they like. They talk about their work, their car, which cool parties they've been to, who they 'know', etc.They brag in the hope that the woman will be impressed and more attracted to them.
Unfortunately... bragging causes the exact opposite. Women are turned off by it (unless she is looking for, say, money - but do you really want that kind of woman around you?)
Avoid any appearance of bragging. Bragging implies insecurity, a lack of Confidence and Social Intuition. These are all demonstrations of unattractive traits.
And will repel women from you.
The reality is that the more women have to find out for themselves about you, the more they will pay attention to your good qualities.
It is always best if women figure out your qualities for themselves instead of getting a list from you.
So let women see your qualities, hear about them from others, or 'figure them out' from the hidden subtleties behind stories you tell them.

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