Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Monday, July 29, 2013

Stop Trying for an Outcome. Get the Truth Alpha Man!!!
Whenever you go out with the sole intent to "pick up chicks" you often fail.
The reason is because you are "trying". Trying to get attention, trying to get attraction, trying to get an outcome. It's "try-hard" and so it doesn't work.
So, what's the answer? Not try at all? No. That doesn't work either. Standing around doing nothing will get you nothing.
The answer to the try-hard/ try-not paradox is simple: seek the truth.
You're never going to get every girl, no one can.
Whenever you see a hot girl, the truth is waiting for you. When you approach her, you learn the truth about her, the truth about you, and the truth about you and her together. That in turn, reveals a truth about dating and attraction. Even if the interaction only lasts a few seconds the truth has been revealed.
It's impossible not to try. We're all trying, but it's time to stop trying to get girls and start trying to get the truth.
By trying to get the truth you are no longer dependent on other people's validation. The truth is the only "outcome" you need. You don't "need" a girl to giggle at your jokes, tell you that you're "hot" or go home with you. You simply need to uncover the truth about her, the truth about you, and the truth about you and her together. Even if she blows you off, who cares? You found out the truth.
Finally, don't mistake "seeking the truth" for "acting like a pussy." You may be not "trying" to get girls, but you are putting the moves on them. Seeking the truth means seeking the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Is her personality as cute as her looks? Simply find out by talking to her.
Is she a good kisser? Simply find out by kissing her.
Are the two of you compatible sexually? Simply find out by having sex with her.
So stop walking up to girls trying to get their validation by trying for an outcome. Instead, start walking up to women looking for truth:
                              1.    What will you learn about her?
                              2.    What will you learn about yourself?
                              3.    What will you learn about women?
                              4.    What will you learn about dating, attraction, and relationships?

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