Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Saturday, July 13, 2013


What is it? How do you develop more of this precious quality? Can you operate without it? Those are crucial questions for any man to ask himself.
The benefit of a long term relationship with a warm, caring woman is that you don't always have to have mojo; she'll love you and be close even if you falter. She will grow tired of bolstering your ego or supporting you, but a loyal female isn't sensitive in the same way to your mojo. She's more forgiving. The girl on the street is the antithesis of your loyal girlfriend.She is suspicious, contemptuous, haughty, bitchy and dismissive - unless you disarm her with your mojo. Strong mojo is what alpha males have that gives them a sense of entitlement and courage which the average Joe lacks. When a guy has strong mojo - when his game is superb - he can't be knocked off his rocker. If you want to work the scene and have multiple attractive woman in your life, you'll need to cultivate your mojo and be sensitive to when it's strong as well as to when it's sputtering. Mojo, essentially, is life energy that men feel when they are in congruity with their surroundings. They can exercise their normal masculine traits of dominance, initiative, risk-taking, pride and physicality with confidence and deliberateness. When my mojo is on, the rhythm of walk, talk and thinking is fluid, smooth, unhurried and relaxed; I'm funny, charming and confident. I beam with unstoppable energy and most women I meet yield easily. Those that put up a challenge are fun; those that refuse to play or can't are dismissed with nonchalance. When mojo is strong, you should go out and harvest. If you stay single a while and learn the dynamics of being a playboy, you'll see that the single best weapon in your arsenal is strong mojo; it's better than a flashy car, suit, cash, props, etc. It's worth your while to take advantage of these periods. Keep in mind that strong mojo may only last an hour or two - or it could extend a couple of days. Use it to build inventory. When you're unstoppable it will be like taking candy from a baby. 

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