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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Secret of Negative Sex Talk.....
Negative sex talk is where a woman brings up the subject of male and female relationships with a negative tone. Examples are:
  • Complaining about men only wanting sex from women
  • Complaining about the way guys approach her
  • Saying how guys don't get women/ don't get sex etc.
You get the picture.
The first instinct of a guy, when he hears this is to think "Uh oh, she definitely doesn't want me taking an interest in her now...". That sounds logical, right? That when a woman is complaining about dating she doesn't have that on her mind with you. Wrong. You see 'negative sex talk' is one step up from 'no sex talk'. If a woman is talking to you about the weather, her job, her interests... whatever. That is not as big an indicator of her interest in you as her bringing up the subject of sex and dating at all - even negatively...So next time a woman you know is complaining about men, dating or sex - follow this simple rule: Go along with her. Point out how she is right. Point out how lame most guys are. Go with her flow. Go with her mood. This makes her feel safe about exploring the subject further. Because you get why she is uncomfortable with dating and what her concerns are. Before you know it, she will be introducing positive sex talk. Because she will have passed the comfort test - you are not just one of those guys that has upset her in the past.

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