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Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Thursday, August 22, 2013

20 Things That Attract Women
1. A man that is a LEADER not a FOLLOWER.
2. Men who are direct and ask for what they want, rather than tippy toeing around it – e.g. If you see a woman you want, approach her. Don’t try to be “friendly” and cover up that you find her attractive. Be direct and find out if you are attracted to her. If so, then ask for her number. Get what YOU want.
3. Men who have their own ‘full life’ that they can become a part of.
4. A man that has boundaries – e.g. I will not contact a woman who flakes on me. She must contact me and do the work to set up another date.
5. Men who understand female insecurity and know how to handle such tension with ease.
6. Men that have their own beliefs and passions.
7. A man that is comfortable with himself and can speak his mind.
8. A man that can listen without being defensive. (defensive = insecurity, open up to listening and compromise = strength and security)
9. A man that is able to make things happen (being proactive).
10. A man who doesn’t need a woman, but wants her in his life.
11. Men who are nice but not wimpy.
12. A man who is not afraid to touch a woman – Touch her softly on the small of her back, on the shoulder, or her hand.
13. A man that is not afraid to try new things – e.g. wear 1 article of clothing that is slightly out of your comfort zone each week.
14. A man that knows he has options.
15. Men that compliment because they mean it, not because they have nothing else to say.
16. A man that is confident during conversation.
17. Men that create their own lines of conversation, instead of borrowing from others.
18. A man that has emotional control a.k.a he does not let emotions rule his actions.
19. A man that is interesting and interested.
20. Men that can guide the conversation, not dominate it. (Men should be talking 25% to a woman’s 75%)

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