Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Boy life is too short to be a Wussy MAN UP!!!!,,,
I strongly encourage you to challenge yourself to approach as much as possible and do everything you can in the beginning stages of learning how to pick up girls. If you want to become free of that anxiety, and get out of your head while meeting women than the only way out is through approaching
a lot. I challenge you to approach the most intimidating looking girls, or even the ones that look like they just "aren't gonna go anywhere." For example, have you ever not approach a girl because you just thought to yourself "oh it's probably not gonna go anywhere." If the answer is YES, then I recommend you
APPROACH EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING that you find is fuckable or even reasonably cute. You gotta get as many experiences under your belt in a short amount of time as possible. I would watch some of my friends climb up a
ledge just to talk to a girl surrounded by 5 buff guys and they are all eating dinner. Just because he thought she was hot and he was gonna go for it anyways. Did he get the girl? No. But what he did get was balls. He increased his ball size. Each and every day you can increase the size of your balls by doing things that are going to take you outside of your comfort zone. The hottest girl in the venue is surrounded by 5 meat head body builders that look like they are going to pound your face into the floor? Approach her anyway.
Get over that fear, get over the bull shit stories that your brain makes up. I highly doubt any of that shit would actually happen. I've done it plenty of times. I've approached to what I thought was the "scariest set" and to actually end up pulling at the end.
You've got to do it for yourself. You've got to do it to grow as a person.
Do it to get over that fear and to prove to yourself that talking to women and approaching them is OKAY. Once you get that attitude that approaching women is "OKAY" you become fearless. You will approach with confidence. You just go right in without hesitation. There's no more standing around waiting for the right opportunity to approach the girl you WANT, because you just go right in and approach her immediately upon seeing. There's an old saying which is "He who hesitates, masturbates." So do you wanna be great with women and have all the pussy that your life can even handle? Than you must give your self a kick in the ass and really step it up and go all for it. See how many chicks you can hit up in a day. We would do things like 50 girl challenge and hit up 50 girls in one day. That was insane and I LEARNED so much from doing that. I also felt so powerful and in state knowing I can't get knocked down. If a girl were to blow me out then I knew there would be a girl a few feet away I can go talk to. I was always on to the next one. The funny thing is at the end of the night I was actually ended up back at a chicks house who BLEW ME OUT and thought I was CREEPY a few years back. People are gonna think you are creepy and weird in the beginning but than as time passes you become the coolest mother fucker ever. Once you realize that you are the coolest mother fucker ever, you don't care about how you look to other people, and you just do whatever it is that you want.
Will you still creep people out? Yes!! Tons!! But instead of feeling bad about it you actually think it's hilarious cause you know there will be 10 other girls that week just waiting to jump on your dick. So the moral of the story is approach as many sets as possible in a given day. Try to challenge your beliefs and get new ones for your new reality your building for yourself.
Approach all the scary looking sets, like the ones with guys in it, or the ones with the girl on the phone, or maybe she's walking really fast, catch right up to her!!! Do it for you!! Do it for all the girls your gonna be banging in the future!! They are counting on you!!! I think this is great advice for anyone who
has approach anxiety. There's just no substitute for getting out there and doing it over and over until the fear goes away.

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