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Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Do looks matter? - Being a Personality Model

"Do looks matter?"
Men make the mistake that our reality must be the same as a woman's. This is just wrong. We are attracted to swimsuit models so we think that women must be attracted to looks just as much as we are. But the biggest attractor for most women is your ability to [display] attractive qualities via your personality. Be a personality model and you will find fashion models calling you. In the old days when I was [not good with women], I used to get jealous of super hot girls because they seemed to have unfair power. Now, I reflect on the fact that I get to be a personality model my entire life. The higher your real-world value, the easier it is to get what you want. This is why there is a common misconception that looks matter because we see examples every day of good looking guys getting what they want. The fact is that the more physically attractive (or wealthy, or powerful, or pre-selected) you are, the easier it is to succeed. That said anyone with a good personality, attractive qualities and the ability to convey them (in other words, anyone with good "game") will have more women in their life than time to see them. I know this because that is my reality and the reality of my students. The bottom line is that if you are average-looking but you have good game, you will be living the same reality as good-looking guys."

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