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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Best Ways to Make a Woman Feel Good in a Relationship?

The typical things you get told to either always do or never do for women when you're in a relationship with them (depending on who you've been listening to) include: Sending her flowers, leaving her notes or voicemails to tell her she's appreciated, and so on.
The truth is a relationship is a great time to take the opportunity to do these things. But they aren't the best way to make her feel good.
Think about this:
- For men, having a great career, that your friends agree is a great career, gives you a lot of social power and satisfaction.
- For women, having a great boyfriend, that her friends agree is a great boyfriend, gives her the same social power and satisfaction that men get from a great career.
Tip: An especially powerful way of making your woman feel good is to tell one of her friends how amazing she is.

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