Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Can women really sense if a man is desperate!!!

The secret is really to NOT pretend that you’re not hungry. We all know that’s impossible. Women DO sense this and they DO avoid men with that rabid scent of "gotta get laid" just as much as men avoid the women with that rabid scent of "gotta get married."
But just because you’re hungry doesn’t mean you can only have ONE kind of food.
Wouldn’t it be nuts to say, “I’m starving to death! I haven’t had a bite to eat in 3 days!”
“Well, here, have some of my chicken sandwich.”
“Oh... Sorry, I only eat Pizza. Do you have any pizza? I gotta have some pizza!”
That would seem ridiculous, right?
But the same thing applies to women.
If you’re starving for sex, you’re not really looking at the big picture. You’ve just become a slave to your own genitals.
You can “feed” this hunger by using your sex drive to push you into new experiences in life, such as widening your social circle, trying a new way to meet women (such as the “multiple streams of female income” that I teach men how to leverage in my programs.)
Saying that you can only get fulfillment by getting a woman in your life is narrow-focused and short-sighted. If you find the things in life that REALLY fulfill you, women will realize that your hunger is not going to consume THEM.
Which is why women avoid these men.
You see, every women knows that behind a man starving for sex is a guy who hasn’t found his calling, or his Alpha Manhood. And she will not be able to trust him until he does.
But if he’s learned the secret of finding his "nutrition" in many other areas, she’ll know he’s stable and trustworthy.
A man's sex drive is one of the most powerful forces in the universe. Channeling that drive into other areas of your life will absolutely help you get rid of that "hungry" and desperate vibe.
If you’re a Hungry Guy - and we all have been at some point - the answer is NOT in chasing after women as the only path to your satisfaction.
The answer is completing your life so that when you’re with a woman, there could be a dozen just-as-cool things you could be doing at that moment.
THAT is when women will really take notice of you.
Because it's really not "hunger." It's ENERGY that you have not tapped into in the right ways to move your forward in the other areas of your life that you've been neglecting.
When you hold this energy in, you'll get emotionally constipated, which is part of that "X factor" you mentioned in your letter.
Unfocused light is useless. But focus that light into one coherent beam and you have a laser.
Let your energy out and push you toward feeding your desires with other achievements than women.
And I can guarantee you that the women will want to come along for that ride...

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