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Monday, January 13, 2014

How to Attract a Woman with a Direct Approach

Approaching a woman and saying "You're beautiful I really want to meet you." is the sort of thing you say in a direct approach to attract a woman. You make it clear from the start that you are interested in her.
Think about this in terms of the movies you've watched where the hero approaches the woman and opens his heart to her. He is direct and unapologetic. He tells her he likes her. He leaves himself completely vulnerable to her rejection.
Sound scary? Maybe. But it is also a very powerful way to attract women.
If you do it correctly, it will spark attraction with a woman. The intensity of the moment creates sexual tension between you and her. That sexual tension translates to romantic feelings if executed well.
To make this work you must be 'sincere' and 'intense' in your approach.
You do this by showing you are vulnerable and not trying to subtly cover up your direct approach.
If you smile, or talk before she responds, or don't hold eye contact. You are covering up your approach. You won't come across as sincere. And the intensity of the moment will be lost.
You will know you haven't come across as sincere and intense if the girl pulls away and laughs. This is how she releases the tension.

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