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Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The BEST Way To Give A Girl The First Kiss?

Let's make this happen for YOU
You would like to make the first kiss - with ANY girl - absolutely mind-blowing for her. This is good. Women judge a guy on how good his sex will be, based on a few things. Some of them are:
* His body language?
* Can he dance?
* How FREE is he? Does he not give a fvck?
* Is he preselected? 
A good first kiss can take complete control of a girl and send her off into an unknown world of sexual ecstasy and KY-jelly. A bad first kiss can make her labia close up like a jacket zipper in winter.
The BIGGEST First-Kiss Mistake Is..
 You have no choice but be a MASTER with the first kiss. Anything less is garbage. So here's the biggest mistake most guys not on Team Capital make:
They think the first kiss is about TECHNIQUE. Good kissing actually has very little to do with technique. Keep your lips soft. Limit tongue. Model how she kisses. 
And understand "less is more".
The Secret Behind Every First-Kiss That
Leads To SEX..
In order for you to be a superior kisser, know this:
The real secret behind a good kiss is about Sexual TensionKnowing how to create it, deep inside of her, then....being able to play with it and amplify it,
until it becomes so STRONG that......she can't take it anymore. We call this point "crossing the Tension Threshold". At that point - most of the time - SHE'S the one 
making the first move, on the first kiss. Because it's simple:
Step 1. You create Sexual Tension inside of her.
Step 2. You play with it and amplify it so much that the emotion of it overrides her logical brain, and takes control of her thoughts..
Step 3. The Sexual Tension becomes too much for her, and in order to slice that tension, she does all kinds of things out of character, like lunging at your for the first kiss and reaching for your dick in public. This is REALITY for myself and most of the top guys on Team Capital. And soon, Mike, it shall be you too.
Do This Every Time..
For now though, here's a kissing tip that I trust you will never forget:
Think about it like this: Sexual Tension is amplified only when you "take away". 
When most guys get the first kiss, they try to stay there for as long as they can.
This is weak, desperate and KILLS all the tension. If you want her lunging for your dick (and not someone else's), you'd have better make yourself a master of Sexual Tension. Being the one to pull back first, after the first kiss,
is a KEY component of that. Got It? Cool? You'll GET IT and remember it from now on? Good. 

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