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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Why “text conversations” Annoy Her… and what to do instead

I want to talk to you about TEXTING  with girls...Because most men use text messages DEAD WRONG. And they make one of these three common mistakes:

1. Totally boring her (and even annoying her) by sending dry, logical, and un-original texts.

2. Capture her attention but then spin their wheels going nowhere until the 

attraction fizzles out..

3. Or spend months playing “textual grabass” with her, all the while she’s f**king some other guy.

Here is a true but unfortunate fact:

When a woman gives you her phone number you have a small window of opportunity 

to turn that number into a meet-up, sex, or a relationship…Every second that goes by… that window begins closing and your chances of ever getting her out begins to quickly disappear. Here is another fact:

The next step can only come in person. This is where the majority of men mess up. You might think that having a handful of “text conversations” is helping your cause…But it’s not. There is a tiny little voice in every woman’s head that tells her “If he was THE ONE” then it would have happened already…” Women desperately want to believe that when there is “chemistry” they’ll be swept away…This is why when you engage in “logical” back and forth conversation with a woman over text…

You’re kissing your chances goodbye. (Poof! Gone...)
So what should you do instead? It’s pretty simple. After sending a couple “radar” texts just to get her thinking about you…Each of your following texts should 
then be specifically designed to lead toward a meet-up.

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