Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Sunday, February 16, 2014

4 Things That Get Her ADDICTED To You..
Game gets her, but what makes her HOOKED?
A few things, my pandemonium friend..Deep, REAL emotional connection. Good future-pacing between you guys, so she can feel, see, hear, taste and yes, even smell the future between you two. Awesome fvcking sexAnd lastly - status.
Namely, your HIGH-STATUS.

What's Her DNA Say?

Here's why: Human nature has this pre-installed desire to move towards higher status people. Especially women. On an evolutionary level, being associated with
the highest-status guys makes her feel aligned with the most important people in the tribe, which can increase her self-image and also makes her feel safer, because her chances of continued survival increase the higher up
her alliances go. 
Make sense? (read it again if it doesn't, important to understand.)

Her DNA ---attracted---> High-Status Males..

This is how being High-Status acts as a real-world magnet. Because people naturally go out of their way and do things to try and be around higher status
people. All people. Even counter-culture hippies wanted to be around the leader of the protest. Yes, they probably won't recognize it or even know 
they're doing it, but they ALWAYS do. So after you sleep with her the first night, 
if she subconsciously realizes,"Wow, this guy is super High-Status"... can be calm and know you're in control,
certain she's coming back.

She can't help it, because now that you've become permanently High-Status, you are an inescapable MAGNET to her. Add in the unique emotional connection, the amazing sex, and the imagined future together and you've got yourself
a Stage 5 clinger. Congrats.

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