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Friday, February 7, 2014

End it First

Always end conversations, meetings, and phone calls first.
 [...] It does two things: First, it says "I'm not a needy guy, and I have things to do. I'm busy, and if you want me, you're going to have to work to get me."
Second, it sets up a situation where YOU are in control [...].
If you will start doing this with EVERY call, EVERY meeting, and EVERY conversation, you will be blown away at the responses you'll get.
You'll have women say "What? But we're having so much fun...!" and "Well, when can I see you again?" and "Don't you like me?".
By the way, don't take the bait when they say these things!
Say "Of course I like you, and of course I'm having fun, but I'm busy and I have a few things to do, so call me tomorrow and maybe I can get together with you at the end of the week again."
As much as you might think this is cruel and unusual punishment, women love nothing more than to go home wondering "Does he love me? Does he like me? Will he call me? Did he have fun?"

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