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Sunday, October 20, 2013

Windows of Opportunity with Women
"Women want to see if [...] you know what to do when you see them. But they can't tell you what to do because then you won't be dominant. They would be controlling the situation. Plus, she has to maintain her social reputation. Ingeniously and probably unconsciously, women will present neutral "windows of opportunity." You can typically feel a 'window' or signal.
 You'll notice her making slightly more effort to interact with you than is necessary. Her calibration will seem "off". She may linger for half a second longer when her friends walk to the other side of the bar. She may look at you a beat longer than would be 'normal' after just meeting you. She may explain herself a little more than is necessary when you ask a question. She wants to see if you are interested in her character, and if you will take the lead and isolate the two of you for a more focused conversation. A woman uses "Windows of Opportunity" tests because she wants to see if you are used to women being attracted to you and if you're able to escalate. The best way to pick up on these signals is to always assume attraction."

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