Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Is Your Behavior Causing Your Woman to Do Things You Don't Approve of
Men typically unwittingly cause the very behaviors they dislike in their women by their own behaviors.
 When she is being negative by being bitchy or dramatic, or perhaps argumentative. It is typically the guy's fault for shaping her behavior that way. All people have negative sides to their personalities, but you are bringing out her worst side.
 You react to the undesirable behaviors and criticize or confront her on them. This is counter productive and causes her to do them more.
 Humans are stimulated and rewarded when people give them attention. It doesn't matter whether it is negative or positive attention. So if you give your attention to a girl who is not acting in a way you like, she will just do it more.
 Try ignoring and just taking your attention away from a girl when she is doing something you think is undesirable. This will motivate her to stop it and bring out her better sides.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When Women Complain About their Bodies, Don't...!
One of the absolute most common errors guys make with their girlfriends is when she complains about her looks. Men are always surprised when they get negative reactions from women after telling her how good she looks as a response.
If a woman complains about part of her body or her clothing, she is not looking for you to commiserate with her or tell her that it looks okay. She simply won't believe you.
What she really needs is for you to help her change her state of mind from feeling bad about it, to being happy again.
Look behind what she is saying to understand her rather than only looking at the surface of what she is saying. 
She is feeling insecure and lacking confidence in herself at that moment in time. It is a temporary state of mind that could have been brought on by any one of a thousand different events.
You should take this as an opportunity to give her good feelings. The way to do it, is simply to use humor and be playful with her.
An easy way to do this is to "exaggerate" how bad she looks or imply it playfully or so she knows you are making fun of her.
For instance, if she says "My hair looks like hell today", you say "I didn't want to say anything."
You'll usually get a hit on the arm, and she'll tell you you are bad with a big smile on her face.
Then you can go on all night making fun of her hair, talking about how everyone is looking at it, how you're embarrassed to be seen with her because of it, etc...
The point is to show her that it isn't important and to put her in a good state of mind.

Monday, February 17, 2014


What do most guys do as soon as they meet a REALLY HOT, ultra-attractive woman?
Of course! They call three times a day, and want to see her all the time.
Attractive women know better than to do this.
When an attractive woman meets a man she likes, she usually PLAYS HARD TO GET. Instead of calling, she acts like she's BUSY.
This makes the man try even harder, and pursue her even more...
It sounds like you did exactly the opposite.
In your email here you say:
"Well, over the next two weeks or so, I kept coming over and doing things during the days with her and staying at night. This is when things began to change..."
No no no!
Over the next two weeks you should have called her every few days, and seen her maybe three times for a few hours each.
No "doing things during the days with her and staying at night"!
You really need to remember to GIVE HER THE GIFT OF MISSING YOU!
If you're around all the time, you become predictable, expected, and uninteresting.
On the other hand, if you're mysterious, challenging, and hard to pin down, she will think about you and miss the times she's had with you.
This is one of the biggest mistakes that men make when they meet a woman that they REALLY like.
As I'm sure you can guess, this is bad bad bad for attraction.
When you start out by doing things that are attractive to her, then gradually turn into a WUSS BAG, you go from her wildest dream to her worst nightmare right in front of her eyes.
If you figure out how to make a woman feel ATTRACTION for you, then KEEP DOING WHAT YOU'RE DOING!
Don't start being a clingy Wuss. Translation: Don't spend every day and night with her, don't buy her groceries, and don't try to get her into a relationship fifteen minutes after you meet her.
You also mentioned a few little words that stood out for me: "I kept coming over...".
YOU kept coming over. When you're the one coming to her, then she's the one in control. Think about it. This is a small point, and it isn't always the case, but in this situation it makes a difference.
So, what should you do now?
You should give her some space. Don't call her more than once or twice a week, and don't see her more than once or twice a week for awhile. Don't pressure her physically, and don't try to push for a relationship.
DATE OTHER WOMEN! Get out there and go out with some other women... and when you talk to her don't hide the fact that you're doing it. Be casual about it, but feel free to mention it in conversation once or twice.
Don't get hung up, don't obsess about her, and don't make it important to "win her back". Just move on.
This combination will give you the greatest chance of winning her back...
And the next time you meet a beautiful woman that has an interesting personality, DON'T TURN INTO A PREDICTABLE, BORING, CLINGY, WUSSY!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

4 Things That Get Her ADDICTED To You..
Game gets her, but what makes her HOOKED?
A few things, my pandemonium friend..Deep, REAL emotional connection. Good future-pacing between you guys, so she can feel, see, hear, taste and yes, even smell the future between you two. Awesome fvcking sexAnd lastly - status.
Namely, your HIGH-STATUS.

What's Her DNA Say?

Here's why: Human nature has this pre-installed desire to move towards higher status people. Especially women. On an evolutionary level, being associated with
the highest-status guys makes her feel aligned with the most important people in the tribe, which can increase her self-image and also makes her feel safer, because her chances of continued survival increase the higher up
her alliances go. 
Make sense? (read it again if it doesn't, important to understand.)

Her DNA ---attracted---> High-Status Males..

This is how being High-Status acts as a real-world magnet. Because people naturally go out of their way and do things to try and be around higher status
people. All people. Even counter-culture hippies wanted to be around the leader of the protest. Yes, they probably won't recognize it or even know 
they're doing it, but they ALWAYS do. So after you sleep with her the first night, 
if she subconsciously realizes,"Wow, this guy is super High-Status"... can be calm and know you're in control,
certain she's coming back.

She can't help it, because now that you've become permanently High-Status, you are an inescapable MAGNET to her. Add in the unique emotional connection, the amazing sex, and the imagined future together and you've got yourself
a Stage 5 clinger. Congrats.

Saturday, February 15, 2014

Building Momentum‏
Momentum guys, it’s one of the things I consistently see missing from the community at large.This is a crucial skill in itself, the loss of which can occur in several different ways all of which will slow your growth to a crawl. I’m going to cover the following on momentum: How to build it as a force for change and success in your love life. I’m going to tell you about the secret to “chunking” to keep your momentum going and the 4 different types of momentum. If you’re missing just one then everything falls apart!
A few guys will already be aware of this but when it comes to mastering any skill set you’ll go through peaks and valleys, as you work on yourself and hit the next level, the peak, you’ll suddenly find yourself descending again as a new sticking point or challenge appears that requires more time to overcome. This will help you with the peaks and valleys.
And it isn’t just pick up based, momentum is something that will have a cumulative effect on your life and the quality of it, over time. The point of this is to increase your growth rate with the time you spend practicing whilst maximising your potential not just in PU but in your life.
Finding your momentum:
I’ve been mentioning this a lot lately, it’s a re-occurring theme when I talk to guys: “Find those who seek the truth, run from those who claim to have found it”
Very wise words, here’s the catch… if you can call it that. You must first know what truth it is you seek. You must know what you want from this skillset, this lifestyle and this abundance of choice that you are building towards. Your goals will change, if they don’t you should reassess; you probably aren’t growing yourself. Development creates new levels of passion and drive towards ever increasing goals. Whether this is a practical goal, or a more abstract one keep it in mind, because you’ll need it to remind you there is something in this world you are striving to obtain in abundance. Keep that motivation there and present, remind yourself of what the big picture is. There’s an expression: “It’s very easy to lose sight of the forest for the trees.”
In the immediate you also want to have mini-goals that you are looking to achieve each week, these don’t need to be meticulously planned just make a mental note of what you want to achieve in certain parts of your day or activities. We call this chunking, having one achievable goal after another, it helps keep your momentum in check, stops you asking too much of yourself. Realistic achievable goals are key but always with that big picture in the back of your mind.
Keeping track of what you are doing in a journal either on or off a forum will be very useful, not just for spotting patterns but also because most people when they hit the valleys we just talked about, completely forget how far they have actually come. Hopefully having hot girls chasing you will help too.
Types of Momentum:
Some of this may be familiar but, before I get to the advanced stuff, I’m going to briefly remind you of the types of momentum you can leverage to help yourself now.
Most basic level…
In-set momentum:
This comes down to pushing forward and being action driven rather then event driven, this is pulling a girl before the club closes rather then because the club closes. You should always be compliance testing, screening logistics, moving her around the venue and pushing things forward where possible but within her comfort zone of escalation. Often times you’ll be able to effectively SNL more efficiently and even have a few numbers for solid Day 2’s from working in this way. When you don’t know what to do then push yourself forward and take a chance, better to push the set and learn something then hesitate and have nothing.
In-venue momentum:
Well, you can be like most guys and just scan the room, look awkward. Get yourself a drink, use the bathroom and maybe approach, if you feel like it. If you do manage an approach you can head back to a friend afterwards and all think about it and chat for a bit, maybe even just talk PU and maybe, just maybe, even approach again. You can see the challenges this presents to you, this kind of behavior means that every time you approach a set you’re starting from zero, every time you are having to get yourself over AA and out of your head, you never build social proof and because you’re so slack with it you never hit that point where you don’t care, ultimately you just don’t learn much from the night. Now, the opposite of that is the 90% rule, one we all know and love, being in set 90% of the time from the moment you enter a venue until the moment you leave, you stay in a set. Of course you’ll have to suffer through the following things when you do this: State aka being happy and having fun. AA is gone – not caring about outcome Social proof / preselection is established – girls giving you AI’s Enjoying life on “Warm side of the pool” – being the center of the party.
Night-to-Night (Day-to-Day) Momentum:
I used to line up my sarges so that I’d be hitting it three nights in a row, just as there is in-venue momentum there is also momentum from one night to the next, when you are planning on building and pushing through last nights successes and polishing up on the challenges you face, you’ll find it easier the next night, wait a week and you find that you’re working on the exact same sticking point for two or more weeks in a row. You slip back into your old reality, your new life and your old will clash, you will be challenged by your old comfortable habits being an option compared to the new life and reality you are building yourself but that requires some effort. Allowing yourself to stay in this PU mode for longer and longer periods, building that momentum, really starts to alter your reality. You’ll start to more heavily embody the traits that you are practicing and you enter a state of constantly being ‘on’ from doing this. This builds into the place where it’s not something you do but something you are. When that happens the changes in your life will be very profound.
Life Momentum:
Finally guys, there is the broadly titled ‘life momentum’, this is simply putting yourself in the best position to have new cool stuff happen in your life, like you being asked to join Facebook groups for cool activities you like. You are always open to meeting new people and allowing new adventures and you actively seek out the next thing you want to try or accomplish in your life. The moment you do this you’ll find stuff gets crazy, in fact just last week I was: Acting in a scriptwriting workshop, Salsaing with a girlfriend,Went for a meal with a student and his new girlfriend, Being offered a job for a sales team despite having no formal training, Getting free drinks from a bar maid I met in the street, Got dragged to an art gallery, Watched a different student get molested by a fat girl… (no names will be mentioned, you’re safe dude.) And so on…Note we are taking small conscious action each and every day with things that interest us or catch our curiosity and we meet interesting people from these things an so it builds into Facebook, or invited to a party on and on. The possibilities are out there.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Getting a Girl on Her Own
When you meet a woman in a bar, club or social gathering situation she will often be with other people. At some point you should move her away from her group, so that you can get to know each other better one on one.
Perhaps the easiest and most effective way to get a woman alone is to ask her to come with you to get a drink.
Something like:
"I need a drink. Come keep me company."
"I'm thirsty, let's grab a drink."
"What are you drinking?" (She answers.) "Cool, let's go."
This can be perfectly effective if she is sufficiently attracted to you and you're reading the signs right.

Friday, February 7, 2014

Do you want to be the ultimate ladies man?
As in, you walk down the street to grab a quick coffee… see a smoke show in line and actually be able to get her number or even instant date her there and then.
Are you interested in doing that? Being the guy that every guy wants to be?
Ok then.
Well, in order to be that guy you need to do a few things right.
The better you get at doing these things, the higher your success rate will be with women.
Below is a check list of 31 things you MUST do if you want to be THAT guy.
Miss a couple and you’ll see dwindling results, you won’t be able to put your finger on why girls aren’t responding well to you.
Check them all off and practice regularly? Then you’ll be getting laid all the time. No question.
Let’s take a look at the list.


  • Have a stock opener ready (if you need it) – It’s always good to have one opener ready in your head, so that you never miss an opportunity. You will find yourself freezing on doe occasions because the girl is so hot or you just don’t have anything good to say. Write one down, practice it and use it as and when needed.
  • Open with familiarity – If you open with a curious look on your face, she will be curious too. In her mind, she’ll be thinking, do I know this guy and won’t shoot you down when you open.
  • Force an IOI – Forcing an indicator of interest will throw her, grab her attention and intrigue her. Plus it allows you to see whether she’s interested in you and if you should pursue her.
  • Assume, don’t ask – Don’t bombard her with questions, always assume things about her and say them in an open ended way so she is obliged to answer back.
  • Lead and pace (number closing) – Never ask or plead for the number. Take your phone, place it in her hand and say type in your number OR take her phone and call yours from it.


  • Remember her name and use it – A name is powerful, it defines a person. Make sure you use it during conversation to build trust.
  • Exude confidence at all times (not cockiness) – Be smooth, cool, calm and collected. Don’t over react, appear overly nervous or stutter with your words.
  • Always have options – Never place all your eggs in one basket. A true player has multiple girls and options. Girl flakes on you? No worries, you have another girl who wants to meet up anyway. Always stay active with new girls and more trusted girls.
  • Failure is progression – If a girl flakes, you get rejected, you experience LMR… don’t worry! Learn from it, what did you do wrong? Don’t let a girl shake your confidence. Immediately set your sights on another girl, so you don’t beat yourself up.


  • Social proof – If you can, work on your social circle. Stack up a few girls who you don’t have sex with, but are hot. Take them out with you to clubs and use them as your wing girl.
  • Kino (always be touching) – Touching a girl during conversation is the quickest way to sexually escalate and create attraction.
  • Maintain strong eye contact – Your eyes are a powerful tool. Keep them locked on hers and don’t break until she does.
  • Use attractive body language – Keep your chest out, a firm shoulder width stance, shoulders back, chin up and take up space. This shows confidence and dominance, two things women can’t resist.
  • Dial up attraction – Don’t try kissing or anything sexual too fast. Read her body language and keeping dialling up until she’s ready.
  • Take the lead (don’t follow) – Stop asking her where she wants to go and if it’s cool with her. Lead, tell her what you’re doing, she will follow and she will respect you for it.
  • Build rapport (connect) – Try connecting with her mentally. Ask her about her passions and interests, talk about those and use assumptions to guess how she might feel or why she might like doing those things.
  • Break rapport – It’s vital that you disagree with her once in a while, this will spike attraction and make you appear more attractive.


  • Lean physique – It’s been proven that girls don’t like big muscly men (well most don’t anyway) so you don’t have to become Arnie, but it does help if you keep in shape. Aim for the lean look.
  • Fitted clothes – Make sure your wardrobe is full of fitted clothes. Nothing baggie or outdated with horrible patterns. Simple colours and slim fitting always works.
  • Minimal jewellery – Get a cool watch that goes with anything you wear. Limit the jewellery you wear as it’s might come across as looking cheesy. No pea-cocking doesn’t work.
  • Trimmed stubble or clean shaven – Some women love the clean shaven look whilst other love some stubble to stroke. See what works best for your face and keep it on point. That goes for your body hair too, no one likes a grizzly bear in the bedroom!


  • Have an exit plan – Don’t go out without an exit plan. As soon as you know a girl is ready for you to take her home. Have a taxi booked or drive yourself.
  • Take the quickest route - Never get on the bus or train unless it’s super quick or a necessity.
  • Distract the logical mind – On the way back, you need to continue with the kino and don’t let her think about what she’s doing (meaning, oh no… am I a slut for going home with this guy). Distract her logical mind by talking to her all the way back.


  • Clean and fresh sheets – Clean, pressed sheets are crucial. It says a lot about who you are as a guy and a potential mate.
  • Candles and smells – Have a couple of candles ready to light and use some plugin air fresher so your place smells inviting.
  • Easily accessible condoms/lube – Don’t fumble for the condoms, have them right next to your bed or in a place where you can grab them as soon as you’re taking each others clothes off.
  • Comfortable temperature – If it’s too cold or hot, she won’t be comfortable. Make sure your place is the right temp.
  • Music – Have some music lined up on the laptop or iPod which you can play the moment you get in the door to keep the mood going.
So there you have it!
A list of the most important things you need to cover if you want to be the ultimate player. Good luck!

When you first meet someone, making a great impression in that split nano second can be very hard.
But if you know what the large majority of women always take notice of when they first meet a guy, you can engineer your looks ever so slightly to gain that edge over other guys.
Forge the perfectly trimmed stubble, overly pricey fitted blazers and perfectly sculpted hair… because they don’t mean anything unless you have the basis in place. The things that women will always notice and remember about you.
You see, it’s not always about making a good first impression.
Ok, let’s get on with it then.

issey-miyake1. COLOGNE (EAU DE TOILETTE)

I can’t stress enough how important it is to smell good. Women go CRAZY for a guy who smells good. They get turned on, want to get closer to you and go all giddy at the smell of your neck.
In my opinion these are the best smelling colognes on the market, but you may have other thoughts.
  • Issey miyake – Smells fruity and summery. Girls go nuts for this stuff. A great day time smell.
  • Joop – Perfect for a night out, women will be hovering around you like bees on honey.
  • D&G light blue – Like you’ve just stepped out of the shower, you smell fresh all day.

brogue-shoes2. SHOES (DON’T SCRIMP)

How many times do you hear women saying that they love a man with great taste in shoes? Like all the time right?
Well take that advice on board and get yourself some nice shoes. Don’t be afraid to splash out a little, women will notice even the small details on your shoes.
  • Brogues – These little beauties are awesome with a suit and can go with jeans too. The best part is they look great even when they are worn in.
  • Desert boots – A stylish shoe for men, more casual and great with a pair of jeans.
  • Loafers – Perfect for all weathers, mostly summer though. Can be worn with shorts and jeans.

zoom-teeth-whitening3. WHITE SMILE (YELLOW NEVER WINS)

There’s nothing worse than bad breath and yellow teeth. You can’t tsp staring at the persons mouth. If you approach a woman with a big white gleaming smile, she’ll remember it, trust me.
Don’t bother with the cheap at home stuff, just do what I did and go for the pro whitening at the dentist.
  • Professional whitening – Go for Zoom whitening at your dentist, should cost around £200 but will make your teeth look amazing after an hour. Plus you get the home whitening gel and teeth moulds which are used at night with the peroxide gel to take your tooth colour a few shades whiter.
  • At home whitening – I’ve tried the home teeth whitening route and it doesn’t really work for me, but there are so many on the market that I’m sure something is bound to work.

End it First

Always end conversations, meetings, and phone calls first.
 [...] It does two things: First, it says "I'm not a needy guy, and I have things to do. I'm busy, and if you want me, you're going to have to work to get me."
Second, it sets up a situation where YOU are in control [...].
If you will start doing this with EVERY call, EVERY meeting, and EVERY conversation, you will be blown away at the responses you'll get.
You'll have women say "What? But we're having so much fun...!" and "Well, when can I see you again?" and "Don't you like me?".
By the way, don't take the bait when they say these things!
Say "Of course I like you, and of course I'm having fun, but I'm busy and I have a few things to do, so call me tomorrow and maybe I can get together with you at the end of the week again."
As much as you might think this is cruel and unusual punishment, women love nothing more than to go home wondering "Does he love me? Does he like me? Will he call me? Did he have fun?"

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Why are Tests a Good Sign?
"Once you understand that tests are automatic and that she's doing them because she's programmed to, you'll start to see it as a good thing.
Also - it's important to understand that if a woman is testing you she's doing it because she's attracted to you.
Women actually become attracted to many guys throughout the day. But they can't afford to be attracted to that many guys, besides the fact that they don't have time to date them all - it's not very comfortable.
So, in order to reduce the uncomfortable and unconscious "pull" of attraction they test.
This gives them certainty and puts their minds at ease.
And most of the time men will fail the test.
And when they do, the emotion of attraction subsides and [women] can go back to their business."

Saturday, February 1, 2014

You Run Out of Things to Say... What to Do?
We all have those moments when we run out of things to say. ESPECIALLY when it is a woman we really like.
The most important thing is to keep the conversation going anyway you can. You have to avoid letting an awkward silence fall between you. She will most likely make an excuse to leave because she is feeling uncomfortable if you don't.

1) Anything to say, is better than nothing to say
2) Even if you go back to asking her about who she is, and what she does it is better than nothing
3) Use an opener (a line or routine that you use when you first approach a woman) or a story.
4) Move her to a different place (e.g. another part of the club or another cafe)
5) Drag out words, and talk slower (to give you time to gather your thoughts)