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Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Giacomo Casanova was not only a womaniser, he was a renowned gambler, necromancer (magic involving the deceased), swashbuckler (noisy and boastful sword fighting), poet and a self confession bon vivant.
A true self-made gentleman in every sense of the word, a daredevil who rebelled against his parents and did pretty much whatever he wanted to do… that included a ton of women.
In his unfinished memoirs, Casanova wrote about his exploits and explained in graphic detail the encounters he has with women.
He even managed to have it off with a nun at one point! Oh yeah… what a boss.
Once imprisoned, he managed to break out and continue his amorous conquests… banging noblewomen along the way and dabbling in more crazy experiences than you or I could ever match.
So why was Casanova so damn good with women?
How to did he manage to seduce so many (hundreds not thousands) in his lifetime?
Well I’m about to reveal the 10 most important life lessons that Casanova lived by. The lessons that taught him how to talk to women, seduce them and make them crave his presense.
This is going to be interesting…


Story telling was Casanova’s greatest secret. He was incredible at engaging and captivating a woman’s attention and mind, until she was fully absorbed in his words.
Once you learn how to tell a story, she will be imagining your words in her mind, feeling what you’re saying and trusting you much faster than she normally does. Ring any bells? This is connection and rapport.


Chasing women is fun, but it’s not the main focus and never should be. Focusing on living a meaningful and fruitful life, will attract women naturally. They will be able to see you are different from other men and want to be wrapped up in your reality with you.
The more you live like you want to live, the more experiences you will find yourself in.


Women love romance and they love to feel unique. Don’t treat every woman the same way, treat each one as they should be treated, like they are the only woman in the world.
This doesn’t mean showering them with gifts and grovelling at every opportunity, it means being attentive and understanding to her feelings, emotions and truly caring for her.
This is what a real gentleman would do.


Women are divine creatures, but they get bored easily. They thrive on exciting adventures, so you must be more spontaneous, this is the only way you will woo them.
If you are like every other man, how can she possibly fall for you? Take her on an adventure, do things she has never done… no matter if they are simple or expensive.


It’s perfectly fine to show your appreciation of her body and looks, but if she is very pretty she will have heard this a thousand times before.
Be more interested in her life and mind, let her feel your curiosity. She will be grateful that you are not just another mad looking to bed her.
What are her passions? What makes her laugh or smile? These things matter and connect your mind to hers.


Casanova was a great believer in pheromones and aphrodisiacs, he used to perfume his room with tuberose because he believed that the flower stimulated sexual appetite. Use your bedroom and home as a way of flattering her senses.
Use food like Champagne and Oysters to increase the sexual desire and plant that seed of thought in her mind.


Never be overly keen, always say what needs to be said and wait for her to react. Don’t push her into an uncomfortable position, she needs to feel a deep level of attraction for you and this can take some time.


Don’t buy a woman gifts in the hope that she’ll like you more. Only buy her gifts that will add a touch of excitement, thoughtfulness and will keep her smiling.
You could buy her sexy underwear and ask her to wear it for you, perform a private show and role play with you.


Don’t take life or women to seriously, be playful with them… sex is a game for adults so treat food, drink and experiences as a game which all leads up to the sex.
Foreplay is a game of teasing and starts from the moment you see one another, use this game to your advantage.


As a gambling man Casanova knew that he had to be the same unpredictable person as he was at the poker table. Never give the game away, always give her something to think about and second guessing your next move.
This will be exciting for her, because women like fantasy’s, a story unfolding with no end but full of excitement along the way.
So as you can see, very similar principles apply to today’s dating scene, they would be adapted slightly to fit the modern standards, but in terms of understanding how to woo a woman, these are solid!


I know this may be a bit of a “dodgy” topic to talk about because online adult dating sites have been tarnished as hooker peddling, crazy person platforms… but I’ve been assured by a close friend of mine that they are the real deal.
…well “some” of them are anyway.
So I get a call from a friend I’ve known a while (like 5 years or so) on a Sunday evening and before I can even say hello, he says…
“I’ve cracked it! I’ve f**king cracked it dude!”
So my first natural response was…
“Huh? Cracked what you nutter?”
He ranted on about how he’d been playing around with these seedy dating sites for months, paying hundreds of dollars, just trying to see if there were any girls on there he could bang.
Well as you can imagine… nothing happened.
He contacted tons of women, but nothing happened… not one response from a single girl in months.
He almost gave up… almost.
After about a minute of him excitedly telling me how he just had sex with a hot blonde in a hotel 10 minutes away from his apartment (WITHOUT paying for it)… I asked him…
“So how did you do it?”
I have to admit I WAS curious. I mean I’m not the sought of guy that will ever use these types of sites, but I’m still a man and being able to hook up with a girl for one night with no strings attached (that you don’t pay) does seem interesting.
After calming himself down, he eventually gave me the exact steps he’d used to get 6 girls into bed within just 8 days of using it.
But here’s the best part…
It’s freaking easy.
I mean, stupid proof. All it took was a few tweaks to his profile and intro messages and that was it… he was getting consistent responses from women wanting to meet him for sex.
So here it is. His exact system.
The reason I decided to post it here is because I get messages from guys all the time asking me if I’ve ever tried an adult site and if they are real, so makes sense to put it up.
IMPORTANT: This system works… however if you want to learn some advanced techniques that will allow you to sleep with as many women as you like on a daily or weekly basis, then you should check this out.
Let’s get into it.


This simple system should be followed to the letter.


Get an account with the best adult dating sites and use their free trial to snoop around the site. NEVER pay anything upfront, you want to see if the girls are hot and if the accounts seem real.
Also if the ratio of men to women is good. There’s no point in adding your profile to a site that has millions of men on there and only a few thousand women. You’ll get swallowed up in no time.
Take notes on which site you liked best based on the following:
  • Quality of women
  • Number of men to women
  • Ease of use
  • Profile elements (what you can add to enhance your profile i.e videos, multiple photos etc)


Once you’ve picked the best site from your research, you need to take some time with setting up your profile properly.
This is where most guys fail. They either put crappy nonsense in their profile with outdated pictures or they write sappy things that don’t belong on sites like these. Remember women are here for “casual sex” too, don’t scare them away with romance rubbish.
Profile elements you need to nail:
  • Profile picture – Needs to be updated every month and should be taken within the last month. Nothing saucy, just a profile shot showing you from the waist up so girls can see your face. To get the best responses from girls, you should test to see which photo gets viewed the most and what girls like. I’d recommend uploading several shots to Hot or Not and using the one that gets ranked highest.
  • Other pictures – You need a variety of normal shots. Some of you smiling, posing, top off, out with friends etc. DO NOT post any of you naked with a boner. I know this sounds dumb but it’s too much, even on these sites. Women like to get warmed up and think about what’s under your boxers, if it’s just there hanging around like a wet fish, it leaves nothing to the imagination.
  • Video – Some sites allow you to post videos. I would advise you create a short 30 second clip of you talking into a webcam. Just say that you’re looking to meet up with a “normal” girl who wants to have a bit of fun… nothing freaky ;)
  • About you – Be truthful, playful and and honest. So say something like “Are you a freak in the bedroom young lady? Then I’d like to hear from you ;) I’m looking for a little fun and to spice things up in the bedroom, be gentle.. I’m new to this.
  • Sexual interests – Specify what you want from a girl and what you like to do, don’t be too graphic. Think 50 shades of grey when writing this stuff, not sicko porn.
Basically the more NORMAL and REAL you seem on your profile the more women will click on it and contact you, or just reply to your message after seeing it.


These are the parts you NEED to focus on…
The most important areas on your profile.


When you’re happy with your profile. Then you can start contacting girls, here are a few rules to stick to when getting in touch:
Make them WANT to read your message
Play around with subject line and spend some time on it, this is what they will read first and will make them either click/read or delete straight away.
The subject line needs to do the following:
  • Make them laugh
  • Raise curiosity
  • Be compelling
Here’s an example of a great subject and a terrible subject:


Hey cutie, love your tits :)


WARNING: (Cute Guy Alert) – Fancy Meeting Me This Friday?
Which one do you think a girl would click? Obviously the second because it makes them laugh, raises curiosity and compels them to click.


If you really want to get serious with this system and turn it into a “girl-getting machine” then you should keep track of who you’ve contacted, what you said and if you’ve met them.
The best way to do this is with an excel spreadsheet.
Simple spreadsheet for keeping organised with girls.
In the sheet you need the following:
  • Name – Name of the girl you contacted
  • Date – Date and time you contacted her
  • Message – The message you sent her
  • Replied – Has she replied?
  • Number – Her phone number… you don’t want hundreds in your phone right?
  • Hooked up – Did you hook up? Could turn into a shag buddy.
  • Notes – Is this hot? Is she a freak between the sheets? Keep note of what she’s about.
I know this may seem a little strange at first, but trust me it’s for organisational purposes and will pay off.


Yep, believe it or not there are some online dating sites you need to stay away from, they will just waste your time.
  • Adult Friend Finder – Apparently this is the largest, but also sucks the most. Full of perverted men.
  • Craigslist – It’s free which is a bad sign (don’t use free dating sites), Gumtree shut down their casual encounter section because it was 90% fake postings… Plus it’s full of hookers and funny farm escapees.


There are a few things you can do to tell if an account is fake or not. This helps to prevent you from wasting time on hookers and accounts that are set up by scammers.
Don’t be too concerned though, the top sites get screened constantly by support teams to prevent fake accounts, so they are very few and far between.
Here’s how to tell:
  • Do they show their face? If they don’t then it’s because they are either shy or they are working girls who don’t want to be recognised.
  • Is their English REALLY bad? There’s nothing wrong with broken English, but if it says something like “I like good time with hot men..” then you should probably stay away.
  • Did they contact you with a very forward message? If they messaged you asking to meet up and seemed very forward, there is a chance it might be fake. Even though the girls on these sites are looking to get laid, they are still reserved because they get TONS of men emailing them every day.
Right then. There you have it folks, that’s how to setup a constant stream of “sex dates” with horny chicks.


I’m expecting this topic to raise a lot of questions and also controversy as Asian girls seem to be on the top of a lot of fetish lists for guys these days.
Not only are they some of the most exotic and attractive women in the world, they are also very clean, polite and respectful… which can’t be said for a lot of western women.
Today I’m going to run through several tips which I’ve used to meet, attract and seduce Asian women of all kinds, both in their home country and in other counties.
Let’s get some Asian beaver!


There are two VERY different kinds of Asian women in this world. The home grown Asian girl and the Westernised Asian girl.
  • Western asian girls – Brought up in a very western culture such as the USA or UK, they have an eclectic mix of friends… black, white, etc. These girls are much tougher than home grown girls, they are harder to crack and have a little bit of an attitude because they have been hounded by guys for a while, especially if they are smokin hot.
  • Home grown asian girls – Brought up in their hometown (Japan, China, Korea etc) and adopt the culture, which is much more strict, respectful and timid. They are fully immersed with their own race, so dating another race is usually a grey area. They will also be extremely shy and not used to the western style of dating.


This is usually down to the fact that the parents don’t want their children to date other races. Obviously this isn’t a solid rule in every household but it’s what I’ve experienced when talking to a ton of Asian girls from all different parts of the world.
Even though a lot of them will grow up wanting to date other races, they will always go back to their “comfort zone” which is the Asian guy.


These techniques won’t work on every Asian girl, but they will work on a large number of them. So gauge the interactions and change your game based on the girl.
  • Be dominant and direct – Asian girls are naturally (usually) quite timid due to their strict upbringing, so they really respond well to a firm and authoritative manner, even more so than the average western woman. It’s important to be very dominant and direct, but also respectful at the same time. When you are approaching them, be persistent as they sometimes won’t hang around too long to hear what you have to say.
  • Take your time – Sorry guys, most Asian women won’t give it up on the first night, so you need to work for it over a few weeks. Take them for a coffee, get to know them, build deep levels of rapport and then begin sexually escalating heavily on the 3rd meetup.
  • Build a deep connection – Asian girls love the whole fairy tale story because they are very romantic and soppy at heart, so concentrate on building a strong connection with them.


There are plenty of places to meet Asian girls, here’s just a handful:
  • Their country… duh – What’s the point in waiting for the right Asian girl to come along, just get over to their country and have your pick dude. Read up on the best places, do your research and take a little holiday.
  • Your social circle – Your social circle can bring you so many women it’s ridiculous, not to mention Asian women. The best way to meet them is by befriending Asian guys, as they will always know a few women.
  • Asian bars and clubs – Google bars and clubs in your city that are notorious for an Asian crowd. They won’t be angry that you’re there, it’s like you rolling into a gay bar, they won’t exactly kick you out for not being Asian.
  • University campus – There are a growing number of Asian women on college and university campuses, so these are always great places to pick them up.


Damn, she is fine.
There are certain things you should NEVER do when around Asian chicks, so take note:
  • Tell her you have a “thing” for asian girls– This is the lamest thing you can ever say. It sounds weird she knows you want her for sex, so don’t say it.
  • Put her on a pedestal – It’s important to treat all women the same, otherwise you’re going to treat them differently to other women, which obviously makes you look needy.
  • Talk about Asian stereotypes – Talking about Geisha girls or strict parents is boring and falls under the “no go” stereotypes, not to mention they are extremely frustrating to her as she’s heard them a thousand times before.
  • Ask what nationality she is – Don’t ask where she’s from, also assume. It shows that you’re not like every other dumb guy.
  • Impress her with stupid Asian related “facts” – Do you think she cares about how many bicycles there are in Beijing? Of course not, so don’t reel of useless facts, they will just deter her.
  • Be too shy or reserved – Remember, when she doesn’t respond it’s not because she doesn’t like you, it’s because she’s shy, so you need to be the dominant one.
So there you have it, that’s how to attract Asian women. They are beautiful and very thoughtful in the bedroom, so well worth the effort.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

The Best Ways to Make a Woman Feel Good in a Relationship?

The typical things you get told to either always do or never do for women when you're in a relationship with them (depending on who you've been listening to) include: Sending her flowers, leaving her notes or voicemails to tell her she's appreciated, and so on.
The truth is a relationship is a great time to take the opportunity to do these things. But they aren't the best way to make her feel good.
Think about this:
- For men, having a great career, that your friends agree is a great career, gives you a lot of social power and satisfaction.
- For women, having a great boyfriend, that her friends agree is a great boyfriend, gives her the same social power and satisfaction that men get from a great career.
Tip: An especially powerful way of making your woman feel good is to tell one of her friends how amazing she is.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Labels Limit Your Relationships Alphas!!!
Society likes to put labels on people.
For example, you are a 'lover', you are a 'girlfriend', you are a 'wife', you are a 'mother'.
With each of them we are socially conditioned to attach different mindsets and identities.
We generally do not think of a 'wife' as hot or sexy. We don't tend to identify the 'mother' of our children with hot passionate sex.
Because of this it inhibits the passion we feel towards our women. And the passion in our relationships.
These identities don't allow us to look at a woman in the same way as when we first met her. When we had a raw physical attraction towards her.
Or towards a woman that we don't know (some men like to fantasize about strippers, models or other 'hot' women).
Throw these labels and your ideas of these identities away!
Don't imprison your natural sex drive or restrict your behaviors because of these labels. You will demote your sex life, and as a consequence, your relationship too.
To realize the full potential of your relationships, you MUST be as sexual with your 'girlfriend', or your 'wife' and the 'mother' of your children as you would with a woman when you first met. Or the women you have fantasized about.

Monday, October 21, 2013

The Top 5 Cities In The World For Beautiful Women…

Kiev, Ukraine – Rating 3.5/5

Kiev usually turns up at the top of “hottest girls in the world” lists. I’ve been there ten times or so and the women are stunning. On the plus side, the high end night clubs will have lots of incredible women.
On the downside, the foot-traffic in the city centre is nothing like a 5th Avenue in NYC or an Oxford St in London… so although the percentage of hot girls is very high, the frequency is not that great.
Another problem is the lack of good English speakers, you will need a little bit of Russian to be able to talk to most girls… or your own private translator walking with you ;-) In the Summer, the Ukranians (and Russians) head to the resort town of Odessa…

Odessa, Ukraine – Rating 3.0/5

…and you should probably follow them there and find a city with incredible women all day long on the main street or at the beach clubs and all night long in the night-clubs.
Odessa is never in the top 10 lists which prove they are written by guys that don’t have a clue, it really is one of the best places on earth in the summer.
The only downside with Odessa being tons of Italian tourists which makes the girls slightly less receptive to foreigners. Also to note – Ukranians are going to be a little racist generally to black and Asian guys.

Rio, Brazil – Rating 4.0/5

Brazilian girls are famous the world over. Rio is a beautiful city and I have spent 6 months there in total. I really love it, the food is great, the people are the friendliest in the world, and its a great place to spend time.
The matter of the girls is a little controversial. Some guys will love the Brazilian women, others won’t. It’s a matter of taste. They do have very pretty faces, but the thing that you might like, or not, is that they are bigger.
Brazilian guys like big asses, so the girls basically eat a lot, and then go to the gym to try and get some tone too. The result are big women, few petite girls, few girls with slim flat stomachs, but plenty of big asses. If that sounds good to you, then you should probably add a .5 or 1.0 to the rating above.
In terms of “game” the girls are easy to talk to, generally speak pretty good English, are friendly, but that doesn’t mean they are easy and have sex at the drop of a hat. Maybe a better option than Rio?  Talk to Brazilian guys and they all tell you to head South, specifically to “Floripa”.
Florianopolis is famous in Brazil as the place with then hottest women. If you are a ginger guy or very pale, you are winning in Brazil, girls will come and ask you where you are from and be into you!  I look kinda Brazilian so I wasn’t so exotic ;-)

Stockholm, Sweden  - Rating 3.5/5

Always in the top 10 lists, and this one, like Kiev, deserves to be in there. Compared the Kiev, the girls are less naturally beautiful – you’ll see tons of fake blondes, lots of fake tan, and more make-up.
The slightly less beautiful looks are compensated for by the fact that they all speak perfect English, and are very easy to talk to, and actually pretty easy to sleep with ;-) The Swedish guys are very shy, so being a confident guy who actually talks to them will pay off big time.
They like guys with darker looks, brown eyes and darker skin will go down well. The centre is really good for day and night game. Watch out! in Summer, Stockholm can be a bit of a ghost town, especially during “mid-summer” when everyone goes to little islands.

Moscow, Russia – Rating 3.5/5

This place is my home when I am single. Guys here will say the girls are not as beautiful as Ukranians, and maybe that is true, but the sheer size of the city and foot traffic mean you see more beautiful girls here than anywhere else in the world.
In Summer, in a mall, the park, or sitting at a Cafe in Kamergersky Pereulouk (like I am as I write this) you’ll see more beautiful girls in 2 hours than you will in London in 2 months. Seriously.
The standard of English is pretty good generally, though you will meet girls who speak no English. The girls are very approachable, very honest, straightforward, and like a guy who is normal and dresses well. Not too much to ask. They will not play games, cancel dates, or be flakey.
Moscow isn’t overrun with foreigners, so you are pretty exotic and exciting. The girls are not as “easy” as Swedish, English, American girls but they are worth the wait and the dates. As well as being the most beautiful, they make excellent girlfriends and potential wives. You can easily find plenty of really GOOD girls who don’t sleep around and even don’t drink or party.
The winter is obviously freezing, but the summer is great. The city is super expensive, a little more so than London or New York, but is very safe in the centre. Oh…and the nightclubs… the best in the world. Packed with beautiful girls, the first times in a Moscow club your jaw will be on the floor.
You can find whatever you want, blonde, brunette, Kazakhstanis (that look Asian). If you like slightly fat, or let’s say ‘curvy’ girls, then you will kill it here because the Russian guys generally only like thin girls. The slightly chunk girls are totally left on the shelf and these girls will be sooo happy to speak to you.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Windows of Opportunity with Women
"Women want to see if [...] you know what to do when you see them. But they can't tell you what to do because then you won't be dominant. They would be controlling the situation. Plus, she has to maintain her social reputation. Ingeniously and probably unconsciously, women will present neutral "windows of opportunity." You can typically feel a 'window' or signal.
 You'll notice her making slightly more effort to interact with you than is necessary. Her calibration will seem "off". She may linger for half a second longer when her friends walk to the other side of the bar. She may look at you a beat longer than would be 'normal' after just meeting you. She may explain herself a little more than is necessary when you ask a question. She wants to see if you are interested in her character, and if you will take the lead and isolate the two of you for a more focused conversation. A woman uses "Windows of Opportunity" tests because she wants to see if you are used to women being attracted to you and if you're able to escalate. The best way to pick up on these signals is to always assume attraction."

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

How to Not Run Out of Things To Say

It's one of the worst feelings you can have. You've done the hard work. You've approached boldly, head held high. You've  gotten her laughing, gotten her smiling, maybe even gotten her touching you a little and... 

The conversation totally loses its steam. Everything just falls flat. You find yourself scrambling for the right thing to say, palms sweaty, a lump in your throat, the feeling of a drowning man overcoming you. Ultimately, you beat a hasty retreat, one that leaves you with a strong sense of diminished confidence that colors your entire night. Why? Because you've run out of things to say. This happens to just about every man at one point or another. But what if I told you that you didn't ever have to run out of things to say? That this was, in fact, a very simple problem with some very simple solutions? Best of all, you can start putting your new found skills into action starting tonight for an increased success rate with women. Read on, gentlemen, to find out how it's done.

Why You're Running Out of Things to Say

But why are you running out of things to say? What is it that's making conversation get stuck in the mud?

Closed-Ended Questions: Closed-ended questions are conversation killers. They require short answers and do not leave the door open to further conversation on the subject. What's worse, too many of them in a row can be tiresome.
Too Much Personal Info: When people are out and about, requesting too much personal information up front can be a bit unsettling. This makes the other person shut down, making it harder for you to effectively continue the conversation.
You Talk Too Much: Maybe the problem is that you have too much to stay. You're not giving her room to speak, while also emptying your verbal bank account too quickly.
You Haven't Planned: The best routines are like the best of anything: They have a plan. Do you know what you're going to say to a woman when you go up to her? Have you thought about where you want the conversation to go and how you're going to get it there? If not, you're a general without a plan of attack.

These are simple things that nearly every man has done at some point or anything in his nightlife. Now that you know what you might be doing wrong, it's time to start looking for strategies to correct these errant behaviors. 

Read on to learn more about what you can do to keep a conversation going.

Food for Thought: How Conversations Thrive

It's easy to keep conversation flowing and not run out of things to say. So easy, in fact, that you're going to kick 

yourself for not picking up on any of these simple tips on your own.
* Open-Ended Questions: The opposite of a closed-ended question is, of course, an open-ended one. Don't ask her where what she does for a living. Instead, ask her how she figured out what she wanted to do for a living. Don't ask her where she lives, ask her why she moved to the neighborhood she did. This gives her more room to talk about herself, something that women love to do.
* Keep It Light: Keep conversation very light when you first start talking to her. In fact, when you first start talking to her, you probably want to emphasize joking around and playfully teasing her over "getting to know you" type conversation. This will open her up for more serious conversation later.
* Let Her Do the Talking: Letting her do a lot of the talking keeps the conversation flowing. It also takes a lot of pressure off of you. What's more, it allows you to really create a connection with her, turning you into the one guy at the bar that she remembers because you were the one who let her express herself.
* Have a Plan: Again, it's important to have a plan of attack when you first start talking to a woman. You don't need to have every single word and response of a conversation mapped out, but you should have a general direction in mind.
* Don't Be Afraid to Walk Away: One of the biggest mistakes that men make when it comes to women is hanging on one all night. Rather, walk away when things are at a high point or close to it. Take a second to go grab a drink, work the room and check back in with your friends. This helps you avoid the awkwardness that comes along with a conversation petering out, while also increasing your social value by being the 
type of man who isn't tying himself to one woman all night.
Hit the bar tonight or the streets and start putting this stuff into practice. Then become the Alpha man who absolutely, positively never runs out of things to say.

Monday, October 14, 2013

Sex Isn't the End Goal!!!!

Lots of guys consider that sex is the end goal of meeting a woman. That it is the end of the seduction. You should not. You should consider it to be the beginning. Sex is a fundamental part of a relationship with any women. Once in a relationship, whether it be an exclusive traditional relationship, friend with benefits or other type, sex is a key part of the attraction in the relationship. Bad sex leads to lower attraction and her drifting away from you. Good sex deepens and strengthens the relationship increasing her attraction and connection with you. This is for one simple reason: During sex it is impossible to shield our emotions. It is while having sex that a woman exposes herself to the deepest intimacy with you. Make sex the beginning of your seduction with a woman. Learn to enhance your relationship with great sex.

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Okey ALpHAS...What Do you Do After Sex if you Want a Relationship?

Simple: Call the next day. This is an important call, and should not be awkward for her.Here are some things to keep in mind:
  • Don't call to "check in" with her.
  • Don't refer to having had sex with her.
  • Call because something funny happened that you want to tell her about or for any other reason why you might have called her even if you hadn't had sex the previous day.
  • Be the same natural, fun, and interesting person you were before you slept with her.
  • Don't let awkward silences develop, or sound nervous or talk too much or too quickly.
By calling her the next day, but not making a big deal of it, you will help to set the frame that it wasn't just a one night stand, without putting pressure on the situation (which is a bad thing).