Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Monday, July 29, 2013

Stop Trying for an Outcome. Get the Truth Alpha Man!!!
Whenever you go out with the sole intent to "pick up chicks" you often fail.
The reason is because you are "trying". Trying to get attention, trying to get attraction, trying to get an outcome. It's "try-hard" and so it doesn't work.
So, what's the answer? Not try at all? No. That doesn't work either. Standing around doing nothing will get you nothing.
The answer to the try-hard/ try-not paradox is simple: seek the truth.
You're never going to get every girl, no one can.
Whenever you see a hot girl, the truth is waiting for you. When you approach her, you learn the truth about her, the truth about you, and the truth about you and her together. That in turn, reveals a truth about dating and attraction. Even if the interaction only lasts a few seconds the truth has been revealed.
It's impossible not to try. We're all trying, but it's time to stop trying to get girls and start trying to get the truth.
By trying to get the truth you are no longer dependent on other people's validation. The truth is the only "outcome" you need. You don't "need" a girl to giggle at your jokes, tell you that you're "hot" or go home with you. You simply need to uncover the truth about her, the truth about you, and the truth about you and her together. Even if she blows you off, who cares? You found out the truth.
Finally, don't mistake "seeking the truth" for "acting like a pussy." You may be not "trying" to get girls, but you are putting the moves on them. Seeking the truth means seeking the whole truth and nothing but the truth.
Is her personality as cute as her looks? Simply find out by talking to her.
Is she a good kisser? Simply find out by kissing her.
Are the two of you compatible sexually? Simply find out by having sex with her.
So stop walking up to girls trying to get their validation by trying for an outcome. Instead, start walking up to women looking for truth:
                              1.    What will you learn about her?
                              2.    What will you learn about yourself?
                              3.    What will you learn about women?
                              4.    What will you learn about dating, attraction, and relationships?

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Give Her Physical Space Alpha Boy!!!

This one seems obvious, but it remains amazing to me how many guys want to crowd a woman’s 18” of “personal space” sooner than later, and especially how many guys want to “escalate kino” early and often. When you get right down to it, the desire to maintain some distance between yourself and someone you barely know isn’t exactly gender specific. All you’ve really got to do here is remember that women are HUMAN just like you. If she’s attracted to you, great. Make her feel SAFE with you also and it’ll be HER idea to get close to you before you know it (perhaps literally). That’s a guarantee…unless you’re dealing with a truly desperate woman who has little if any self-respect…or dignity. And what do you want with her, anyway? But if you get greedy here and you’ll blow it. And that’s also a guarantee.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Don't Take It Personally Boy
The world and some of the things people do don't seem nice. Men can often feel that women are being evil or disrespectful to them.
It's not the case. You have to look behind the behavior to the purpose of what they are doing. It has a purpose, and while it may not be an idealistic way to achieve the goal - human's aren't idealistic. We're emotional and we have instinctive behaviors that are difficult to escape.
"Remember that just about every thought and behavior that a woman has, no matter how little sense it may make to you, has some positive intention behind it. Drama is often to get attention. Jealousy is often a way of protecting a relationship. Games are often used to make sure that a man is serious and willing to invest energy. So as you work to become more successful with women, remember to not take things personally. Don't get discouraged if you encounter games, drama and things that you don't understand. It's all part of the game."

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

5 top tips for Effortless Conversation
1. Practice
We already mentioned this. It may not sound sexy, but practice makes perfect. The more conversations you have, the better you'll get period.
2. Know Your Strengths
If there are specific areas or topics of conversation that you are good in, use them as your go to choices.
3. Talk About Your Passions
Passion is infectious. If you're passionate about something, and you convey this in your speaking, people will be mesmerised by you. Rather than have boring conversations that you have no interest bring up something your
passion at about and try to share it with others.
4. Stories
The number 1 way that for millenia that information has been passed around between people. Some of your most valuable conversation tools and if you use stories wisely you will be an outstanding communicator,
5. Role Models
This is normally overlooked. Find role models who have the conversation style that you want to emulate. This works best with comedy. If you watch or listen to a lot of comedians you will naturally start to pick up timing and
little habits in the way they communicate.
So there you have it.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

The Myth of Playing the Numbers

99% of guys using online dating or social media sites to meet women online are playing a numbers game. They typically send messages to tens of women, hoping that one of them will work out.
What this leads to is them cutting and pasting an identical message to send to each one. It also means that they have checked out her photos - and spent 1 minute at most checking out her profile. What they read in the profile they immediately forgot, or was irrelevant to the message they sent to her.
The result - 95% of communications that go nowhere. Taking a sales analogy here - at that rate of converting leads that would get you fired from any sales job INSTANTLY.
Getting results from playing the numbers game online is a MYTH.
You need to focus on a maximum of 4 or 5 communications with women per session (and that's considering a couple of hours time investment).
Find out who she really is, and send her a personalized message that will make you stand out from the 'spam fest' attacking the best women's inboxes. Read her profile. Understand it. Think about who she is. Communicate to that.

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Alpha Casanova Never Brag so if You are bragging...women always can tell
The majority of men brag a lot. Especially when talking to women they like. They talk about their work, their car, which cool parties they've been to, who they 'know', etc.They brag in the hope that the woman will be impressed and more attracted to them.
Unfortunately... bragging causes the exact opposite. Women are turned off by it (unless she is looking for, say, money - but do you really want that kind of woman around you?)
Avoid any appearance of bragging. Bragging implies insecurity, a lack of Confidence and Social Intuition. These are all demonstrations of unattractive traits.
And will repel women from you.
The reality is that the more women have to find out for themselves about you, the more they will pay attention to your good qualities.
It is always best if women figure out your qualities for themselves instead of getting a list from you.
So let women see your qualities, hear about them from others, or 'figure them out' from the hidden subtleties behind stories you tell them.

Saturday, July 13, 2013


What is it? How do you develop more of this precious quality? Can you operate without it? Those are crucial questions for any man to ask himself.
The benefit of a long term relationship with a warm, caring woman is that you don't always have to have mojo; she'll love you and be close even if you falter. She will grow tired of bolstering your ego or supporting you, but a loyal female isn't sensitive in the same way to your mojo. She's more forgiving. The girl on the street is the antithesis of your loyal girlfriend.She is suspicious, contemptuous, haughty, bitchy and dismissive - unless you disarm her with your mojo. Strong mojo is what alpha males have that gives them a sense of entitlement and courage which the average Joe lacks. When a guy has strong mojo - when his game is superb - he can't be knocked off his rocker. If you want to work the scene and have multiple attractive woman in your life, you'll need to cultivate your mojo and be sensitive to when it's strong as well as to when it's sputtering. Mojo, essentially, is life energy that men feel when they are in congruity with their surroundings. They can exercise their normal masculine traits of dominance, initiative, risk-taking, pride and physicality with confidence and deliberateness. When my mojo is on, the rhythm of walk, talk and thinking is fluid, smooth, unhurried and relaxed; I'm funny, charming and confident. I beam with unstoppable energy and most women I meet yield easily. Those that put up a challenge are fun; those that refuse to play or can't are dismissed with nonchalance. When mojo is strong, you should go out and harvest. If you stay single a while and learn the dynamics of being a playboy, you'll see that the single best weapon in your arsenal is strong mojo; it's better than a flashy car, suit, cash, props, etc. It's worth your while to take advantage of these periods. Keep in mind that strong mojo may only last an hour or two - or it could extend a couple of days. Use it to build inventory. When you're unstoppable it will be like taking candy from a baby. 

Are You Lying to Yourself?..... READ this a least THREE TIMES

"Let me guess: what you're going through is just temporary? Once you get that "job", that "degree", or find that "special someone" everything will change?
Twenty years from now you'll be looking at everyone and thinking the exact same thing. It's the same thing that poor, bearded, loser on the back of the bus is thinking. Don't believe me? Go talk to him and see for yourself.
If you don't change right now, you'll become just like that guy on the bus. You'll soon look into the mirror and realize you're old and your dreams have passed you by. Instead of dreaming about your future, you'll dream of getting back the youth that you're wasting away right now.The only way to prevent this is to change who you are and how you naturally interact with other people."

Thursday, July 11, 2013

YOU pick yourself up BOY
Don't you dare relent.
Don't you dare give up on learning this whole "attracting women" thing..
Is it hard?
Is it a bit difficult?
Is it a little bit of a challenge for you?
I'm so sorrryyyyyyy.
It is hard. At first.
It's not white roses and sitcom TV.
It's not watered-down, it's not phony, it's not forged, it's not make-believe, it's none of that shit that goes down easy but does NOTHING for you.
Learning how to attract AWESOME women is going to be hard at first.
It's worthwhile - it's supposed to be a challenge.
But if you're smart (and homey, you are), you'll always remember:
It's a SKILL you're learning here.
A motherfvcking skill.
Like riding a bike.
That means it's hard at first, and you feel like you have no idea what you're doing.
You fall. Often. In front of your neighbors and the cute girl from class with the freckles.
And your Dad isn't there to pick you up when you do.
Childhood's over. MAN UP TIME. 
And you go at it again.
And again.
And again.
Then one day, when the frustration of constantly failing at the same thing
is just too fvcking get it.
You ride free, for a good 6 seconds.
Balance makes sense.
The yin and yang come together.
It feels incredible, the wind at your back, the world on your plate,
just ready to be DEVOURED.
Then you fall all over your fvcking face but you don't care.
You DID it. If only for a second.
And you realize..
You didn't constantly fail at the same thing.
You just learned a shitload of ways not to do it.
And you learned discipline beats motivation every time. 
Which led you.
To this moment.
Where it clicked for you.
And you learned how it.
You got it. 
So you race back towards your fallen bike, pick it up and get right back on.
You ride for a second, and fall.
And you fall again.
But it doesn't feel hard or tedious anymore.
This is fun..
Because you know what it feels like now..
You can TASTE it..
You can SEE it..
The opportunities have EXPANDED and GROWN..
Just riding around the world, standing on the pedals, riding with no handles, letting the cute girl with the freckles become mesmerized watching you, feeling truly free, champion of the two-wheeler..
You WANT it.
Each fall becomes exciting to you.
Each fall becomes a WIN for you..
Because now you get it..
Each one is leading you closer to PERSONAL GLORY.
So you fall and fall and fall and fall and fall and then you get it.
Maybe you're not Don Juan yet..
Maybe you still have bad body language sometimes or act a little needy when you know you shouldn't..
So fvcking what.
You're RECOGNIZING IT, right?
You're recognizing that those are just falls..
And you're fixing them.
Adjusting them.
Being self-correcting.
And each week, it's getting better.
You're getting smoother.
It's becoming less conscious and more letting your instincts take over now that
they GET what you need to do..
It's not difficult anymore..
It doesn't feel like a task anymore..
It's PLAY.
It's totally UNATTACHED.
Constant, undeterred, forward motion. 
How fvcking freeing it is..
And you're getting all these fantastic responses from awesome, attractive women and it's fueling you even more..
You're rising.
You're a fvcking phoenix..
Now you can picture your greatness..
And damn. It looks good.
So dude.
If you're somewhere short of "HIGHLY Naturally Attractive Man" right now..
And don't you have total pick of the best women for you yet..
Don't you dare stop.
Do you know how sad that would make me? :-)
And all the badass women out there who are ROOTING for you, waiting for you, hoping it's YOU that wins out..
Don't you dare relent.
It's a new skill and it's supposed to be hard. 
Thousands have done it before you, and we want you to be next.
Because life is better on this side.
It's more fun.
It's more free.
And the women are just so much more fvcking awesome.

Saturday, July 6, 2013

Her Body Language Tells You If She is Attracted
Body language can often be far more useful than what a girl says when it comes to understanding if she is attracted to you or not.The more a woman is attracted to you, the more she will become more self-conscious and insecure. Verbally she may not do anything to show this. But body language it a lot more subtle and she is much more likely to show signs of it. She will fidget, she will break eye-contact, she will orient her body towards you, she will seek your approval, she will seek your attention, and she will be clearly emotionally connected to your accepting or rejecting her. She will arch her back, put out her chest, suck in the tummy, toss her hair, different parts of the body will get exposed a little more, she will walk rolling the hips, sit in more sexually suggesting ways...Learn to notice those subtle shifts and they will tell you all you need to know.

Friday, July 5, 2013

How to read body language..Alphas, you need to learn this
It’s often said that actions speak louder than words — and this rings especially true when it comes to body language. As a non-verbal form of communication, body language can be a powerful tool, as you can use it to put people at ease, make friends, or even persuade people to do things for you.Being able to read body language can also allow you to detect things such attraction, truth, confidence and shyness. You can read body language by carefully watching the facial expressions, hand gestures, posture, and other movements made by another person. All of us — whether we realize it or not — use body language in our everyday lives. With this in mind, here are a few common body language behaviors and gestures, and given the common interpretations of their possible meanings — which will help to make you fluent in the art of reading body language!

Eye contact

A failure to look someone in the eyes or rapidly shifting eye movements can often be interpreted as trying to hide something or lying. It can also be a sign of shyness or lack of confidence.


Smiling can demonstrate confidence, friendliness, and a positive attitude, and also gives the impression that you’re someone that people would want to be around. On the other hand, a ‘nervous’ or ‘false’ smile can demonstrate the opposite.

Attention span

Often you can tell what a person is like by noticing their attention span. For example, if someone quickly loses focus and clearly is not listening then this makes them appear disinterested, bored, and possibly even uncaring — whereas a longer attention span is likely to indicate more interest.

Head shaking or nodding

Frequently, without realizing they are doing it, people nod or shake their head to signal whether they are in agreement or not. You can give your approval to someone just with a nod of the head, and your disapproval either by not nodding or by shaking your head.


Touching another person during social interaction, if done appropriately, can convey a strong message to them. For example, it can be used in a flirtatious manner to show romantic interest, or can simply be a way of calming or reassuring someone.

Arms folded/legs crossed

This can be seen as a defensive posture or can signal that the conversation is at an end as far as that person is concerned. Sitting tightly folded up indicates that you are closed to communication, as your crossed limbs effectively form a physical barrier to keep other people away from you.

Standing with hands on hips

This demonstrates a readiness to act in a situation, or can even indicate aggression. It is not the most welcoming of gestures and you may often see it displayed by teenagers wishing to show their defiance.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Secrets Of Being A Hard Closer..

This is one of my Masters Tylerrrrrrrr from RSD, this dude is pretty much explosive with the girls,,,,

How To Attract A Stunning Girl During the DAy...

Tom Torero from Daygame.....this dude is an Alpha Casanova Man for sure...excellent video enjoy it.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Sexy Body Language tips.....

Ohhhhhh kezia....excellent tips girl......Alphas pay attention to this video, you will learn a lot!!!

The Secret of Negative Sex Talk.....
Negative sex talk is where a woman brings up the subject of male and female relationships with a negative tone. Examples are:
  • Complaining about men only wanting sex from women
  • Complaining about the way guys approach her
  • Saying how guys don't get women/ don't get sex etc.
You get the picture.
The first instinct of a guy, when he hears this is to think "Uh oh, she definitely doesn't want me taking an interest in her now...". That sounds logical, right? That when a woman is complaining about dating she doesn't have that on her mind with you. Wrong. You see 'negative sex talk' is one step up from 'no sex talk'. If a woman is talking to you about the weather, her job, her interests... whatever. That is not as big an indicator of her interest in you as her bringing up the subject of sex and dating at all - even negatively...So next time a woman you know is complaining about men, dating or sex - follow this simple rule: Go along with her. Point out how she is right. Point out how lame most guys are. Go with her flow. Go with her mood. This makes her feel safe about exploring the subject further. Because you get why she is uncomfortable with dating and what her concerns are. Before you know it, she will be introducing positive sex talk. Because she will have passed the comfort test - you are not just one of those guys that has upset her in the past.

Super Beautiful women WILL test Be REady Alpha

Really beautiful women will often do things just to test you.
For example: she'll stop giving you any positive attention for a while.
She doesn't walk away or turn her back on you or anything - She is just going really quiet and looking to see if it affects you.
This will happen every single time. The interaction will be going really well... and then all of a sudden it goes flat for a minute or two.
She is looking to see: "does this guy freak out or does he REALLY believe I actually like him?"
She is looking to see "how does this guy react? Does he know that I like him, or is he insecure and thinking he has done something wrong?" It's important to demonstrate that certainty, that unwavering belief, that ability to not be shaken by anything because you believe in yourself.

Monday, July 1, 2013

What Does "Just Be Yourself" Really Mean?
There is an old cliché that says if you want to be attractive to women, "just be yourself."
For many men, this just doesn't make any sense.
How can you be anything BUT yourself?
And if being your self hasn't been attractive to women in the past, how is it that it's going to work now? What if your "self" isn't confident?
It turns out that the statement, "just be yourself", is true. It's just that it's in code.
It is not the "self" part that is necessarily attractive to women. After all, the self of every man is different and we can't all be equally attractive. No, the key is in the "being" part of being yourself. Most of us put on all sorts of masks and filters during the day. We have little acts that we do to talk to our boss or on a job interview, or when talking to an attractive girl. These acts protect our ego.
Having your act rejected is much easier than the possibility of having your "self" rejected. Dropping that act, and just being yourself - your flawed, strange, true self, is an act of incredible courage and confidence. It is hard to do. It takes balls. And it is one of the most powerful and real ways that a man can display confidence. And confidence is sexy.

How to Turn Girl(Friends) into Girlfriends
Is your ideal girl actually one of your friends. It's a much more common situation than you'd think. First thing you need to understand is that you haven't hooked up or started a romantic relationship together for a reason. If you were compelling you would've been more than just a friend to her. It's as simple as that. So the first step is to accept that you need to be more and that because she now has a clear idea of who you are (the longer you've been friends the clearer) it's going to be harder to turn it romantic than if you were just meeting her. You are going to have to pull out all the stops to make her realize she has to re-evaluate you as a person. Imagine what you would have to do to attract the hottest girl in a club - that's what you need to - not because she's the hottest girl (potentially) but because you need to shock her into seeing you as the new you. The upside is that you have good logistical control. You don't have to worry so much about her flaking on you etc. because of your friendship. You are automatically going to see her, so you have many opportunities to steadily build up your new impression. It may take a while, but you have time. The two most important rules to start with are:
1) You don't do anything until she is giving signs that she is interested in you. Your job is to get her interested first, before you make any move on her.
2) NOT to hit on her verbally - this will be too alarming and unsubtle for her given your 'current friendship'. The example of the male friend confessing his interest in a girl (often seen in films) is the absolutely worst thing you could do.