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Sunday, June 30, 2013

Alpha Casanovas Always Bypass Her Screening with Humor

You often hear dating gurus say that humor is important to your game. Women say they like guys that can make them laugh.
But why? And what role does it play exactly? Humor does two things:
  1. It puts a woman in a positive emotional state. It can switch her from a logical mode, or negative emotional state into a positive emotional state. When you put someone in a positive emotional state they feel more attracted to you.
  2. It breaks down barriers and increases rapport between you and her. You only joke with people that you have familiarity with. Humor creates familiarity.
When you approach an attractive woman she will tend to screen you (logically) for characteristics she likes in men. Using humor puts her in a positive emotional state. She effectively forgets about screening you. When a woman laughs with you she feels a lot more comfortable. She feels like she knows you quicker. This will accelerate how quickly she will feel comfortable dating you, kissing you etc. 

Be the Prize......

Your behaviors should reflect your belief that you are the prize. It is an attitude and the way you should aim to interact with women.
To 'be the prize', you should always believe and keep the mindset that you are of higher value than her.
You should have the attitude that women are lucky to be with you. Not you with them.
A woman will have won the prize if she wins you over. You will have given her the prize, by letting her get you.
When you act like the prize women will pick up on it and be more attracted to you. On the other hand, if you don't act like the prize, women will also pick up on that, and be less attracted to you. This is a basic mindset that you must have in order be with the women you desire.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

What is it that's holding you back from getting girls more attracted?
These tips have gotten a TON of results for thousands of Alphas who have applied these super easy tips:
1) Creating Curiosity from the start. If you correctly create curiosity right from the start, it will make getting girls to like you ridiculously easy.
2) Touching --this is a big one-- if you touch girls correctly in specific ways (from the moment you meet her) she will be insanely attracted to you.
3) Having Dominant Body Language --it sounds fancy, but trust me it's stupidly simple and easy to apply-- by changing the way you walk, stand, and sit women will start noticing you A LOT more.
4) Eye Contact. I can't stress how big of a difference this makes. The right eye contact can make a woman melt, and you'll feel like superman once you witness it.
5) And last, but not least is YOUR attitude. Knowing the right kind of attitude that women prefer to be around is GOLDEN, it can make the difference between landing in the friendzone OR landing her in bed.

Friday, June 28, 2013

The way Alpha Casanovas think when they see a beautiful woman...

If an Alpha Casanova is in a bar or in a social circle and a beautiful girl appears, he never gets too excited. He doesn't talk to his friends about how hot she is and get everyone hyped up. Instead, let them get excited, and simply think to himself: "she could be fun". Getting himself excited is only going to make him nervous around her and sabotage himself.
Think about it, does a beautiful woman want to go home with a guy whose jaw drops when looking at her and who nudges her friend whispering "she is hot, she is hot!"? Of course not. So don't be that guy. Stop referring to women as "super hot". Train yourself to remain cool and collected around beautiful women. Don't get psyched about it. You should be unreactive.

Move Beyond the "Nice Boy" Fashion Sense

For a normal boy growing up, this is what happens:
Mom buys you clothes from the Sears catalog. Mom puts the clothes on you and says "you look so nice."
You are given a not-so-subtle clue that Mom wants you to be a"nice boy."
You start to take on the "nice guy" personal from an early age, not because it serves you well in all situations, but because you want to please the adults in your life.
As you get older, you're told to dress like a nice guy, look like a nice guy. Fit in, blend in, don't stand out. Don't offend anyone. Don't be assertive because it's too risky. Be cooperative. Be submissive.
This is our first experience in creating our personal style.
Eventually, most teenagers try some sort of fashion experiment, and most of the time his parents give him a hard time about it.
It's so common that it's become a cliche in our society.
As we get older, there are several different paths.
Some men get involved with a peer group that understands fashion. If you are around a lot of other guys who get it, you begin to feel like it's okay to take an interest. Or maybe you just copy what your friends are doing.
Then it feels very natural to develop a cool look.
Then there are the guys who are always looking for cool clothes, they really do take an active interest in fashion and grooming. They watch "Queer Eye" and read GQ. That's the minority.
The majority of guys never really change. They never leave behind their child-like view of clothing and fashion.
It's a challenge to reprogram your own fashion sense, just as it's a challenge to reprogram yourself to succeed with women.
It's a journey and it takes a lot of experimentation.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alpha Casanovas Secrets of Attraction
              1)You don't have to be an Alpha Casanova to get women. Guys who learn to seduce women are often shocked at how bad the average guy is at attracting women. You don't need to be better than an Alpha Casanova to get a woman interested, you just need to be better than the guys standing next to you.
             2) Most guys are way too serious - in every way. What they talk about is too serious. How they make plans is too serious. Their tone is too serious. And so on. Attraction is emotional, not logical. She'll be attracted to you if she has fun with you, and she won't if she doesn't. Don't make her feel like she's at work. (By the way, the opposite of "serious" is not "silly" or "goofy". Try "playful".) One common problem - asking too many questions. As a quick solution, make sure you never ask two questions in a row. Alternate question-statement-question-statement.
             3)First impressions matter - a lot. The average woman decides whether a guy is a "no" or a "maybe" within the first 30-90 seconds. This makes body language, fashion, and voice tone very important, as well as any social cues that you give off. So try to learn these qualities as soon as possible, this willimprove your game by 50%.
             4)Fortune favors the bold. A woman isn't going to be captivated by every guy who is "good enough". Playing it safe is usually a sure path to a whole bunch of women thinking you're okay. Taking risks means some women might not like you, but the ones who do will really like you. Besides, sensible risk-taking is a very attractive quality to most women.
             5)She wants to meet you too. Most single women (and a lot of non-single women) go out wantingto meet men. Culture is such that some women feel they have to pretend that they don't want to be approached - but obviously this isn't true or they wouldn't go to places where that's what men do. Go in with the mindset that of course she wants to meet you too. It willchange your results. So don’t get impress by “10” you must be the “10” thatevery woman wants to meet.

Get out there and approach! The more women you open the more chances at success you’ll have!

Come on!!!! ALPHA if this dude can approach and get the girl... everyone can!!!

This is your road map for approaching women effectively Alpha Casanova
 1. Location, location, location. Look around your neighborhood or the areas of the city you frequent, such as near your work. Notice which places tend to have the most number of women in them. For instance, is it the mall? The grocery store near your college? The coffee shop or the bookstore?
2. Practice talking to strangers. Ask random people at that location for directions. Start learning how to strike up a conversation and engage everyone you can. Once this feels natural, it will be easy to do so with that strikingly beautiful woman you just saw.
3. When you see that woman, or any other woman you think you’d like to meet, walk over with a friendly smile on your face.
4. Ask her for directions to somewhere you know is nearby. Follow that with a question that ties into the place you are headed. For instance, if you ask directions to a bookstore, then follow up by saying this: “Great. Thanks. By the way, I notice you are carrying a bunch of books. Can you recommend a good book for my little sister? She’s turning 19.”
5. Pay attention to her body language. If she seems antsy, stop there and move on. If she has open, patient body language and seems friendly, then continue the conversation. Ask her something to do with relationships. For instance, you might say, “I saw online this morning that (whatever relationship issue you read, but probably avoid ones about approaching a girl) and wondered if other people thought that was off base, too?” (Or some other variation of this. You might ask advice for a friend, for example.)
6. If she’s sitting down, sit down beside her. Start by saying you can only stay a minute because you are meeting a friend in a few minutes. Ask her name, but don’t offer yours. Don’t ask boring, inane questions, such as what she does for a living or where’s she from. Learn how to ask open-ended questions that someone can’t respond to with a simple yes or no. This is good conversational technique to know.
7. Tease her so you create a connection. Make sure it is gentle teasing with a smile on your face to show you are kidding. Keep the conversation topics light hearted.
8. Talk about your favorite places in the city, such as a bar or club and say why you like it there. Then, offhandedly mention, “You’d probably love it. We should go next week.” Hand her your phone and say, “Put your number in.” That’s it.
During any of these steps if you encounter natural resistance, break them down. If you can’t do that, time to move on. There are a lot of other fish in the sea. Don’t forget that when it comes to approaching women, practice makes perfect. So, get out there today and give it a shot.

Alpha Casanovas Always Ignore the Environment!

When you approach beautiful women, there will always be some pressure on you.
You need to ignore immediate circumstances and focus on the potential. If you need to hold the lift to get her number, or talk to her on the subway with 10 people staring at you, learn to do it anyway.
The key is, once you are meeting this girl later and getting intimate with her, who will care about the people you inconvenienced a week ago? Are you ever going to think about those people again as you get together with this beautiful woman and enjoy her company over and over for months on end?
Who cares about them? Just get the girl! Be willing to endure a little heat, because it's worth it to get the digits of a beautiful woman.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

How to make people addicted to you!!!!
ALPHA CASANOVAS had the ability to IMPACT someones life. And that is the difference. That makes people become ADDICTED to you. If you can IMPACT someones life, inspire them, make them better, give them unlimited value, nothing in this world will be beyond your reach. The first step? Make a committment to bring Human Value and Utility into peoples lives.
It starts with a smile, a conversation, giving a piece of advice, helping who you did not have to help...Start doing this...Really COMMIT to it today...And you will see profound changes in your life, as people become addicted to you. Live abundantly.

She Can't Control Her Attraction
"Attraction Isn't a Choice"  probably the most famous quote by dating coach David DeAngelo. But what does it mean exactly? It means women have no choice in feeling drawn towards a man who displays the attractive qualities women like. In fact, as men, we also have little choice - you don't decide who you are attracted to. When you see a beautiful woman or someone who is "just your type", attraction just happens, instantly. It is not a logical process. The same thing happens to women, although the qualities they look for are different. This is excellent news. It means that if you just learn what these qualities are, and how to display them genuinely, you will naturally and easily become much more attractive to women. And you will also become a better, stronger, happier man in the process.That is what improving your dating skills should be about.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

The Alpha Casanova Society Learning levels into 4 categories

Learning levels into 4 categories:
(Can you tell which level you're at?)
Recently discovered pick-up. His experience is theoretical
because he hasn't yet used a PUA routine in the real world.
STICKING POINTS: motivation, confidence, approach anxiety,
(and too many more to name).
Actively going into the field to specifically use PUA routines and tactics. He still has mostly theoretical
knowledge but he's approaching and trying routines.
STICKING POINTS: ejecting too early from sets, demonstrating
higher value, hitting the hook point.
LEVEL 3: jPUA (junior PUA)
He's now sarging often (at least once a week). He's getting number closes (and occasional kisses), he consistently hits the hook point. Women find him interesting but not always attractive.
STICKING POINTS: kino escalation, disqualifying, leading the interaction
At this level he's sarging multiple times a week, isolating, bouncing, number closing, kiss closing, all consistently.
STICKING POINTS: last minute tension, managing relationship expectations, handling multiple girlfriends. (There are higher levels that we and many of our students are at, but these 4 cover 99 percent of all men.)
Did you identify your level Alpha?

Monday, June 24, 2013

Discretion and Dating Multiple Women
We all go through less 'serious' stages of dating in our lives where we are seeing more than one woman... these can be temporary before any relationship develops into something more important when you're playing the field, or just a way of life for you. If you think about it, you'll also realize that many men attract a lot of drama and disruption into their lives when they are dating multiple women and it goes wrong. Affairs and getting caught cheating. Friends with benefits that want more. Women getting upset with you in general. One of the keys to eliminating all of this trouble when you're dating more than one girl is 'discretion'.You never talk about the fact that you have multiple girls in your life. You don't talk about it to guy friends - nor to girl friends. You make sure the girls you are seeing know that. For her to stay in the relationship you have, to not get hurt or angry, discretion is essential. She has to feel safe, and discretion makes her reputation safe. You let her know this by:
1) Acting discreetly. Actions speak louder than words - if she hears you being in-discrete about something else in your life, she is going to assume you do the same with your relationship.
2) Letting her know you act discreetly. By subtly indicating you value discretion about subjects in general when the subject is relevant. For example when she asks you about something you're being discreet about say "I don't want people going around knowing my business."

How To Approach A Group Of Girls Without Any Chance Of Failure

This is Richard AKA Gambler....he is on of the best PUA's Ever, learn from him and you will improve your game for sure.

Monday, June 17, 2013 of the best in Daygame by far

Should You Give a Girl Space Between Orgasms?
Tori Black, a porn stars, believes it is essential to give your girl multiple orgasms in each sex session to keep the relationship strong. While she admits she is not typical, and girls differ, she says she can have up to 25 orgasms in one love making session. So if you are giving your girl multiple orgasms do you need to put space between orgasms? Or can you keep stimulating her continuously? Depending on how hard she comes she may not want you to touch her. You need to let her vagina calm down. To do this you stop stimulating the vagina and kiss her neck, tell her how sexy she is. You let her be still in the moment. When she has calmed down you can go back to giving her oral sex again and then back to penetration. You can also mix this up. It is not always necessary to restart with oral. The rule is that if you keep stimulating her she will want more. But you should not be pile driving to give her orgasms on top of each other. You keep the stimulation up, but you back off. 

If You Do This You Are Already Manipulating Women
Here is the fundamental truth regarding most male-female interactions: WE ALL WANT SOMETHING. The biggest lie you can tell yourself when you approach a woman who you're romantically and/or sexually interested in is that you "don't want anything" from this woman.
 YES YOU DO. Just about everybody who we interact with on a regular or semi-regular basis, we have a need and/or desire that we would like to see fulfilled and satisfied. What we desire can be something intangible such as flattering attention or respect. It can be something tangible such as a monetary favor or an offer of employment. Bottom line ... very rarely, if ever, do you approach a woman "just for the heck of it."Now some people would argue that introducing the idea of having sex with a woman in your very first conversation with her is "socially inappropriate," or at minimum, representative of "bad manners." They would contend that this type of conversational behavior is not representative of a true "gentleman."
 I DISAGREE.In my opinion, there is a fine line difference between exhibiting behavior that is socially appropriate, and behavior that is phony and insincere. I think the former has value most of the time, but the latter leads to ineffective and unproductive relationships with women. I'm not at all suggesting that any man should be intentionally 'rude' or 'disrespectful' towards women. That won't get you anywhere. On the other hand though, you want to avoid making comments, and expressing desires and interests that are not representative of what you're REALLY thinking. Anytime you want something from someone, and you STRAIGHTFORWARDLY ask them for it, that would be representative of non-manipulative behavior.  But if I want something from you, and I attempt to flatter your ego first, treat you nicely, take you out to dinner, etc., THEN ask you for what I want ... that's being MANIPULATIVE. As a man, anytime you begin offering incentives and rewards in exchange for romantic and sexual companionship, you are engaging in manipulative game playing.  Similarly, anytime you lie to women about what you really want from them, and why you really want to share their company, you're engaging in manipulative head games. 

Friday, June 14, 2013

  • An indirect opener – You can approach the girl and ask her where something is like a coffee shop or landmark. An interesting study that was conducted in the book “Mating Intelligence Unleashed” said that most women prefer an indirect approach over a direct approach.
  • A direct opener – A more direct approach would be telling her what you’re thinking… for example: “Excuse me, I just saw you from over there and I had to come over and say something because you’re very cute”.
  • A forced IOI – This is known as a warm opener and something I use all the time which works perfect in clubs/bars. You basically make eye contact with the girl, do something that will make her smile and then approach her when you see her give you a positive reaction.


The quickest way to kill the approach is to act needy, desperate or nervous. Remember that the girl doesn’t know what you’re going to say. So you need to convey your interest with eye contact and body language.
  • Keep strong eye contact – Strong eye contact is a huge attraction builder. Coupled with a lower voice tonality and speaking more slowly, you can speed up attraction, comfort and trust.
  • Maintain good body language – By puffing your chest out, pulling your shoulders back and maintaining an alpha stance you will come across as a leader or authoritative person, so she will be more susceptible… meaning she’ll stay and listen.


Letting her know that you’re a busy guy does two things… the first is she won’t feel the need to run away because you’re bothering her and secondly it will cause an attraction spike that will intrigue her.
  • Throw in a time constraint – The very first thing you want to do is say something like “I’ve only got a minute because I’m meeting my friends, but I had to say…”.
  • Keep them talking with a “I’ve gotta go…” line – This keeps them talking without feeling the need to end the conversation first. It’s amazing how long you can do this for. So just keep saying “One more thing before I go…”
So that’s it Alphas, just use this simple secrets that I use to approach any type of girl in both the daytime and evening (clubs, bars etc). Now go out and put these to good use… practice, practice…. practice.

If you suffer from approach anxiety, then you need to get that handled before attempting the approach, otherwise you’ll just come across as a quivering wreck and will get shot down in no time. Before I get into the 3 secrets of how to approach a girl… I first want to give you a good and bad example of a typical approach, this can be played out in most situations (daytime, club etc).


  1. You see a girl (force an IOI or go in cold)
  2. You open with a direct or indirect based on the situation
  3. She responds positively for the first 10 seconds
  4. You keep the conversation going, introduce very light kino, build rapport and develop a strong trustworthy connection.
  5. You instant date her or number close
Sounds easy enough right? Well yes, but it can be tougher when you don’t know the steps/secrets.


  1. You see a girl… think about what to say… crap your pants… and eventually go over
  2. You open her with pathetic body language and fumble over your words
  3. You don’t make eye contact… she takes a step back, thinks you’re an odd ball and makes an excuse to leave in hurry (or just flat out ignores you).
  4. Your confidence takes another hit… you go home and watch porn whilst hating life.
Got the picture? Ok cool, so let me show you the best way to approach a girl… a way that keeps her interested long enough for you to build attraction and go for the close.

Seeing 3, 4 even 5 or more girls at once is actually a skill in itself. Not only do you have to juggle each girl and keep them happy, you also need to keep things so that each girl doesn’t find out about the other girl… causing a ball ache of a situation for you!
Also as long as you are honest, every step of the way with each of the girls, then there is not reason why it should backfire in your face.
8 tips for multiple long term relationships:


If you’re not honest, people will get hurt and it’s also confusing. It’s very hard to keep up a lie, so it’s best that you don’t tell one in the first place.


Comfort and trust needs to be the foundation of your interactions with girls you want to date… obviously, so you need to work on connecting with her on an emotional level, rather than just building intense sexual attraction and boinking her on the first night.


If she asks, tell her you’re seeing other girls. Otherwise don’t tell her, because it could lead to complications. What she doesn’t know won’t hurt her, so keep it quiet.


Any sexual escalation needs to be initiated on the day 2 not on day 1. Arrange to meet with her a couple of days after your first meeting and start escalating then, so that she starts to feel a connection between you both.
Make them want to see you more, this helps build attraction when they keep thinking about you and building you up in their mind. It also means you don’t give too much away too fast.


If you use the term girlfriend to any of the girls you are seeing, then they will start to become territorial and you may even begin to think about them differently which isn’t good if you want this multiple long term relationship thing to work.


If you play this right, one of the girls you are dating will eventually get the hump and want to see you exclusively. If you don’t want that, then you need to either let her know that you’re not interested in a relationship or let her go… because it’s just not worth the hassle.


Don’t ask too many questions or let them know TOO MUCH about you. This will keep them on their toes, you won’t fall under the same category as regular guys then because you’re not predictable.

If You Can Get Her to Feel an Emotion, You Can Capture Her Attention
If you can get her to feel an emotion, you can capture her attention. That may sound obvious, but so many guys overlook this first principle.
Ask yourself this: have you ever sent a first text that said something like, "Nice meeting you" or "Hey, this is Tom"?
Or maybe you tried asking a woman out with the first text you sent? Think back on it (and go through your old text messages if you have to), are your first texts sparking a woman's emotions?
If you're like most guys, the answer is probably no. As such, she probably saw you as "just another guy." You didn't make yourself stand out from the crowd. If she was even somewhat cute, you can bet there were plenty of other guys texting her, as well. Even if you had a great interaction in person, an emotionless first text can cause her to second guess her initial impression of you. But you're never going to make that mistake again. Just as you can't imagine making a pizza without the dough, you won't be able to fathom using your phone without first sparking an emotion. It's the crust on which you will layer on the other ingredients. When you're considering the language of a "sparking emotions" text, some questions you should be asking yourself are: What is new, different, or interesting about what I'm writing? What "mental pictures" are my words painting? Is this clear? Will she immediately "get" what I'm trying to say? Does this sound like something "every other guy" would write? To help get you thinking more "emotionally" right now, here are a couple of our stash of ways to instantly improve the uniqueness of your language:
Substitute signs for words."Our meeting last night = awesome" For example, rather than using words like "is," "was," or "are" substitute in "=" signs (e.g., "Our meeting last night = awesome""Me = hung over this morning!"). Begin with verbs, exclamations, or one-word sentences. For example, you can begin a text with an irregular verb like "bump" as in "Bump some R. Kelly for me..." or you can even break a sentence into smaller sentences: "Bump. Some. K. Kelly. For me."

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Understanding What Attracts Different Women

There are three MAJOR conflicts in women's lives, that are so intense, they force women to choose a dominant strategy, and that becomes part of her personality - which dictates significant behavioral differences - and determines which triggers makes her feel attracted, which behaviors make her feel comfortable, and what gets her turned on.
These three conflicts are: Time, Sex, and Relationship. 
Conflict of Time - Women are biologically programmed to mate with the most dominant, high status man they can find so therefore she wants to spend time really screening the men she dates and finding the best one - but there is pressure from society to be with a guy who has high status - and it is looked down upon if a girl is single for a long time.
This is why you will see women who are older, becoming cougars, and becoming much more aggressive in dating, going out, and meeting guys. Even to the point of hitting on the guys instead as opposed to younger girls who are more likely to just sit there and let men approach them. It all has to do with her feeling that her time is running out... 
With men - they actually get BETTER with age, more successful, better traveled, they have more sexual experience. And they can have children, now especially with Viagra, well into their 70's or 80's. 
Conflict of Sex - She wants to enjoy the physical pleasure and emotional intimacy of sex - but sex in the past has led to emotional trauma and critical judgment from society and her peers. 
This is why women will seem VERY into you, make out with you, let you touch her, but there's often an additional level of resistance right before you start having actual sex. We know it feels great for her, and often we don't understand her hesitation, but she's got an internal conflict preventing her from going all the way.
And men - we don't try to have sex with a girl, and then suddenly change our mind because we're scared of being judged. If anything our friends think we're even cooler for having more sex.
Conflict of Relationship - Her biological wiring drives her to support and nurture family, and develop her feminine self / but our male dominated society encourages achievement, status climbing and developing her career, just in case she doesn't find a man to provide for her. 
This is why you'll see very successful women quitting their jobs or taking an extended leave when they have kids. For example, recently Nicole Kidman took a break from Hollywood to focus on raising her children. You won't see a man really taking a break from work to focus on his family - if anything he'll work even HARDER when he has more mouths to feed.

Being Serious with Online Dating Shows Desperation
I think the biggest mistake that most guys tend to make when deciding to try out online dating is that they take the whole thing seriously. 
I've seen too many guys who design their online profiles as if they're job applications. Not a good idea. 
Remember earlier when I talked about asking the question "Why?" with regards to what women's profiles communicate about what their reason to try online dating is? 
Well keep in mind that women are doing the exact same thing for your profile. 
If they get the impression that you're turning to online dating because you can't meet women in your everyday life, then they're going to assume you're a loser, even if your profile lists lots of great things about you. 
Understand that even if women have trouble meeting guys in their everyday life and feel that using online dating will help them, they don't want others to suspect that they need it. 
Often they sign up and convince themselves that they're not creating a profile out of desperation, but out of curiosity or a recommendation from friends and if they read your profile and it reminds them of this desperation, they will next you.
As part of the research for this book I've watched many of my female friends peruse male profiles on internet dating sites, and the results were interesting. 
If the profile was funny, and quirky, often they would be more inclined to message him. 
However, if the profile was written too seriously, or devoid of humour they would become bored and next him. 
Even if he was a good looking guy with a nicely written profile, the mere fact that he was taking the whole thing seriously turned them off. 
Now, this may not be the case with women who have come to terms with their need to use online dating sites, but the most attractive women are rarely that type.

Monday, June 10, 2013

Sexual Skills: Are Kama Sutra Positions Real or Bullshit? What do you Think Alpha Boy!
The Kama Sutra is probably the most published sex book with new editions and versions with 100s of positions published each year. But popular doesn't always mean good.  This is what two very sexually experienced and award winning porn stars think of the Kama Sutra.
Marcus London: The Male Perspective 
The Kama Sutra positions are not mean't for thrusting. They are mean't for a more karma type of connection sex.
They can be useful in a relationship when you've already achieved what you can in the positions we all use (Doggy, missionary, cow girl etc.).
The karma sutra is more about connecting with the girl. It's tantric sex. It's about trying to attain a new level of connection way beyond the physical. In the Karma Sutra positions a minimal of movement can be as strong as the thrusting in the doggy type position. With the right person it works, but all the elements have to be in play. You two are connected, and in this strange position, you are in each others heads. It's one of those dimensional situations in sex.
These positions are not for one night stands, and they are not for someone you just met. You have to have such a strong emotional connection and use them to build further mental stimulation with each other.
Tori Black: The Female Perspective
I have looked at so many of those Kama Sutra books it's ridiculous. So many of those books are sold by the number of positions they have in them. It's like they are saying the higher the number, the better the book. But that's not the case of course. More sexual positions does not equal better.
However, when you look through it you do come up with new ideas. So from a girl's perspective and mine in particular, the more fluent you are with your body, the more you are ready for random sex.
So I've found the Kama Sutra books useful because the knowledge of the crazy weird positions and of my own body allows me to nearly always come up with something that works, no matter where we are.
So it can help for random sex if you are into that. There are also some positions that cater more towards "romantic sex". This is important if you are in a relationship with a girl, because emotional time is important. When you are in a relationship with a girl you want to be kinky and f*** the s*** out of her but you also want to be emotional. Think roses, candles and soft music. She'll be hooked like that.

Assume Familiarity = Closer to Sex
What do women want? Any excuse to get closer.
It is logical to start at the beginning when first meeting a new woman, but wrong.
When you start from the beginning you start without familiarity of each other. You start furthest away from each other. You are both strangers to each other and this gets in the way of you hooking up with each other because you have to get to know each other first. You aren't close enough.
You can jump from the beginning to the middle of the relationship simply by "Assuming Familiarity".
You act like you have already known each other for a while and are already in a relationship (and therefore closer, and closer to sex).
This has the additional benefit of keeping communication between you more natural and helping to avoid any awkward silences.
To assume familiarity you need to take liberties as soon as you meet a woman and feel comfortable with it. When we are familiar with someone (e.g. friends) we feel comfortable asking for things from them or even taking things from them. We don't need to ask permission. 
Example 1: If a girl is eating an ice cream, say "Let me try some of that" and reach over and take a spoonful. This is familiarity. A stranger would feel too awkward to do this, or would ask permission for it. 
Example 2: If a girl is on the phone or talking in a group who you'd like to approach, 'familiarity' lets you interrupt her. If she was your best friend and you saw her in the street, you would have no problem interrupting her. You take the liberty of interrupting her because it's not a big deal when you know her well. I think the biggest mistake that most guys tend to make when deciding to try out online dating is that they take the whole thing seriously.

Sunday, June 9, 2013

How To Be The Playful

Excellent Video....Remember Alphas always have fun no matter what!!!

Inject Some Style into Your Texting Alpha Man
Having a style means using interesting words and offbeat punctuation. You want to put a fingerprint on every text you send. A woman should be able to know it's a text from you just by reading it. To think of this, just think of the cartoon character Homer Simpson. If you received two texts, one that read, "Hey what's up!" and one that read "Doh!" would you be able to tell which text came from Homer? If you've ever watched an episode of the Simpsons, you'd certainly know that Homer would write "Doh!"--it's his trademark line! Now you don't need to act like a cartoon character, or even have trademark lines, but you should have an idiosyncratic way of communicating that's congruent to your personality. It can be as a simple as what you call your girl. For example, some examples: "Missing you lady!", "Thinking of you love..." and "What you up to bb?" This technique works even better if you have a nickname for her. By using your nickname, you breathe life into every text you send. Rather than just looking at a phone screen with a generic message, a woman gets a sense of you every time she reads your texts. This strengthens your connection, which builds your relationship.