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Monday, June 10, 2013

Assume Familiarity = Closer to Sex
What do women want? Any excuse to get closer.
It is logical to start at the beginning when first meeting a new woman, but wrong.
When you start from the beginning you start without familiarity of each other. You start furthest away from each other. You are both strangers to each other and this gets in the way of you hooking up with each other because you have to get to know each other first. You aren't close enough.
You can jump from the beginning to the middle of the relationship simply by "Assuming Familiarity".
You act like you have already known each other for a while and are already in a relationship (and therefore closer, and closer to sex).
This has the additional benefit of keeping communication between you more natural and helping to avoid any awkward silences.
To assume familiarity you need to take liberties as soon as you meet a woman and feel comfortable with it. When we are familiar with someone (e.g. friends) we feel comfortable asking for things from them or even taking things from them. We don't need to ask permission. 
Example 1: If a girl is eating an ice cream, say "Let me try some of that" and reach over and take a spoonful. This is familiarity. A stranger would feel too awkward to do this, or would ask permission for it. 
Example 2: If a girl is on the phone or talking in a group who you'd like to approach, 'familiarity' lets you interrupt her. If she was your best friend and you saw her in the street, you would have no problem interrupting her. You take the liberty of interrupting her because it's not a big deal when you know her well. I think the biggest mistake that most guys tend to make when deciding to try out online dating is that they take the whole thing seriously.

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