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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Inject Some Style into Your Texting Alpha Man
Having a style means using interesting words and offbeat punctuation. You want to put a fingerprint on every text you send. A woman should be able to know it's a text from you just by reading it. To think of this, just think of the cartoon character Homer Simpson. If you received two texts, one that read, "Hey what's up!" and one that read "Doh!" would you be able to tell which text came from Homer? If you've ever watched an episode of the Simpsons, you'd certainly know that Homer would write "Doh!"--it's his trademark line! Now you don't need to act like a cartoon character, or even have trademark lines, but you should have an idiosyncratic way of communicating that's congruent to your personality. It can be as a simple as what you call your girl. For example, some examples: "Missing you lady!", "Thinking of you love..." and "What you up to bb?" This technique works even better if you have a nickname for her. By using your nickname, you breathe life into every text you send. Rather than just looking at a phone screen with a generic message, a woman gets a sense of you every time she reads your texts. This strengthens your connection, which builds your relationship.

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