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Monday, June 17, 2013

If You Do This You Are Already Manipulating Women
Here is the fundamental truth regarding most male-female interactions: WE ALL WANT SOMETHING. The biggest lie you can tell yourself when you approach a woman who you're romantically and/or sexually interested in is that you "don't want anything" from this woman.
 YES YOU DO. Just about everybody who we interact with on a regular or semi-regular basis, we have a need and/or desire that we would like to see fulfilled and satisfied. What we desire can be something intangible such as flattering attention or respect. It can be something tangible such as a monetary favor or an offer of employment. Bottom line ... very rarely, if ever, do you approach a woman "just for the heck of it."Now some people would argue that introducing the idea of having sex with a woman in your very first conversation with her is "socially inappropriate," or at minimum, representative of "bad manners." They would contend that this type of conversational behavior is not representative of a true "gentleman."
 I DISAGREE.In my opinion, there is a fine line difference between exhibiting behavior that is socially appropriate, and behavior that is phony and insincere. I think the former has value most of the time, but the latter leads to ineffective and unproductive relationships with women. I'm not at all suggesting that any man should be intentionally 'rude' or 'disrespectful' towards women. That won't get you anywhere. On the other hand though, you want to avoid making comments, and expressing desires and interests that are not representative of what you're REALLY thinking. Anytime you want something from someone, and you STRAIGHTFORWARDLY ask them for it, that would be representative of non-manipulative behavior.  But if I want something from you, and I attempt to flatter your ego first, treat you nicely, take you out to dinner, etc., THEN ask you for what I want ... that's being MANIPULATIVE. As a man, anytime you begin offering incentives and rewards in exchange for romantic and sexual companionship, you are engaging in manipulative game playing.  Similarly, anytime you lie to women about what you really want from them, and why you really want to share their company, you're engaging in manipulative head games. 

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