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Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Being Serious with Online Dating Shows Desperation
I think the biggest mistake that most guys tend to make when deciding to try out online dating is that they take the whole thing seriously. 
I've seen too many guys who design their online profiles as if they're job applications. Not a good idea. 
Remember earlier when I talked about asking the question "Why?" with regards to what women's profiles communicate about what their reason to try online dating is? 
Well keep in mind that women are doing the exact same thing for your profile. 
If they get the impression that you're turning to online dating because you can't meet women in your everyday life, then they're going to assume you're a loser, even if your profile lists lots of great things about you. 
Understand that even if women have trouble meeting guys in their everyday life and feel that using online dating will help them, they don't want others to suspect that they need it. 
Often they sign up and convince themselves that they're not creating a profile out of desperation, but out of curiosity or a recommendation from friends and if they read your profile and it reminds them of this desperation, they will next you.
As part of the research for this book I've watched many of my female friends peruse male profiles on internet dating sites, and the results were interesting. 
If the profile was funny, and quirky, often they would be more inclined to message him. 
However, if the profile was written too seriously, or devoid of humour they would become bored and next him. 
Even if he was a good looking guy with a nicely written profile, the mere fact that he was taking the whole thing seriously turned them off. 
Now, this may not be the case with women who have come to terms with their need to use online dating sites, but the most attractive women are rarely that type.

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