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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The Woman's Squirting Orgasm Roadblock
The squirting orgasm originated first in tantric sex, and was later popularized by the porn industry thanks to its greater visual allure.
Two facts that are often misunderstood or miscommunicated are:
  1. Nearly all women can have some type of 'squirting orgasm'. It's not just reserved for the few porn actresses that have become famous for them, but most girls will have much less impressive squirts.
  2. Nearly all women have not had a squirting orgasm, with most of them unaware of their potential or believing they are not capable of it.
The barrier stopping most women from having these types of orgasms is 80% psychological. Even if you use the techniques that physiologically make her have an orgasm, she will not if her barriers are up.
For 99% of women this comes down to one psychological roadblock.
For most women this barrier arises because the sensation prior to a squirting orgasm is different from what she usually feels. She will nearly always believe she is going to pee.
The result is that she becomes worried that she will pee and embarrass herself with the guy, and it also takes her by surprise as 'peeing' is not something that would normally happen during sex.
All of these feelings distract her from her sexuality and make her anxious, she is no longer able to enjoy the moment, and this prevents her orgasming.
On top of this, many women will try to stop themselves from peeing, because this is what they believe will happen.
The problem with this is that it becomes more uncomfortable if you don't let the squirting orgasm happen when it is physiologically ready. This can make her more anxious and also dissuade her from ever trying again.
The end result of this is that with many women, if you want them to enjoy a squirting orgasm for the first time, you have to gently discuss the topic of 'feeling like you're going to pee' and get them to relax about it and understand that it's actually a signal that she is getting close to a new type of orgasm she hasn't felt before. 

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