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Friday, June 14, 2013

If You Can Get Her to Feel an Emotion, You Can Capture Her Attention
If you can get her to feel an emotion, you can capture her attention. That may sound obvious, but so many guys overlook this first principle.
Ask yourself this: have you ever sent a first text that said something like, "Nice meeting you" or "Hey, this is Tom"?
Or maybe you tried asking a woman out with the first text you sent? Think back on it (and go through your old text messages if you have to), are your first texts sparking a woman's emotions?
If you're like most guys, the answer is probably no. As such, she probably saw you as "just another guy." You didn't make yourself stand out from the crowd. If she was even somewhat cute, you can bet there were plenty of other guys texting her, as well. Even if you had a great interaction in person, an emotionless first text can cause her to second guess her initial impression of you. But you're never going to make that mistake again. Just as you can't imagine making a pizza without the dough, you won't be able to fathom using your phone without first sparking an emotion. It's the crust on which you will layer on the other ingredients. When you're considering the language of a "sparking emotions" text, some questions you should be asking yourself are: What is new, different, or interesting about what I'm writing? What "mental pictures" are my words painting? Is this clear? Will she immediately "get" what I'm trying to say? Does this sound like something "every other guy" would write? To help get you thinking more "emotionally" right now, here are a couple of our stash of ways to instantly improve the uniqueness of your language:
Substitute signs for words."Our meeting last night = awesome" For example, rather than using words like "is," "was," or "are" substitute in "=" signs (e.g., "Our meeting last night = awesome""Me = hung over this morning!"). Begin with verbs, exclamations, or one-word sentences. For example, you can begin a text with an irregular verb like "bump" as in "Bump some R. Kelly for me..." or you can even break a sentence into smaller sentences: "Bump. Some. K. Kelly. For me."

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