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Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Alpha Casanovas Secrets of Attraction
              1)You don't have to be an Alpha Casanova to get women. Guys who learn to seduce women are often shocked at how bad the average guy is at attracting women. You don't need to be better than an Alpha Casanova to get a woman interested, you just need to be better than the guys standing next to you.
             2) Most guys are way too serious - in every way. What they talk about is too serious. How they make plans is too serious. Their tone is too serious. And so on. Attraction is emotional, not logical. She'll be attracted to you if she has fun with you, and she won't if she doesn't. Don't make her feel like she's at work. (By the way, the opposite of "serious" is not "silly" or "goofy". Try "playful".) One common problem - asking too many questions. As a quick solution, make sure you never ask two questions in a row. Alternate question-statement-question-statement.
             3)First impressions matter - a lot. The average woman decides whether a guy is a "no" or a "maybe" within the first 30-90 seconds. This makes body language, fashion, and voice tone very important, as well as any social cues that you give off. So try to learn these qualities as soon as possible, this willimprove your game by 50%.
             4)Fortune favors the bold. A woman isn't going to be captivated by every guy who is "good enough". Playing it safe is usually a sure path to a whole bunch of women thinking you're okay. Taking risks means some women might not like you, but the ones who do will really like you. Besides, sensible risk-taking is a very attractive quality to most women.
             5)She wants to meet you too. Most single women (and a lot of non-single women) go out wantingto meet men. Culture is such that some women feel they have to pretend that they don't want to be approached - but obviously this isn't true or they wouldn't go to places where that's what men do. Go in with the mindset that of course she wants to meet you too. It willchange your results. So don’t get impress by “10” you must be the “10” thatevery woman wants to meet.

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