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Monday, June 10, 2013

Sexual Skills: Are Kama Sutra Positions Real or Bullshit? What do you Think Alpha Boy!
The Kama Sutra is probably the most published sex book with new editions and versions with 100s of positions published each year. But popular doesn't always mean good.  This is what two very sexually experienced and award winning porn stars think of the Kama Sutra.
Marcus London: The Male Perspective 
The Kama Sutra positions are not mean't for thrusting. They are mean't for a more karma type of connection sex.
They can be useful in a relationship when you've already achieved what you can in the positions we all use (Doggy, missionary, cow girl etc.).
The karma sutra is more about connecting with the girl. It's tantric sex. It's about trying to attain a new level of connection way beyond the physical. In the Karma Sutra positions a minimal of movement can be as strong as the thrusting in the doggy type position. With the right person it works, but all the elements have to be in play. You two are connected, and in this strange position, you are in each others heads. It's one of those dimensional situations in sex.
These positions are not for one night stands, and they are not for someone you just met. You have to have such a strong emotional connection and use them to build further mental stimulation with each other.
Tori Black: The Female Perspective
I have looked at so many of those Kama Sutra books it's ridiculous. So many of those books are sold by the number of positions they have in them. It's like they are saying the higher the number, the better the book. But that's not the case of course. More sexual positions does not equal better.
However, when you look through it you do come up with new ideas. So from a girl's perspective and mine in particular, the more fluent you are with your body, the more you are ready for random sex.
So I've found the Kama Sutra books useful because the knowledge of the crazy weird positions and of my own body allows me to nearly always come up with something that works, no matter where we are.
So it can help for random sex if you are into that. There are also some positions that cater more towards "romantic sex". This is important if you are in a relationship with a girl, because emotional time is important. When you are in a relationship with a girl you want to be kinky and f*** the s*** out of her but you also want to be emotional. Think roses, candles and soft music. She'll be hooked like that.

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