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Monday, June 17, 2013

Should You Give a Girl Space Between Orgasms?
Tori Black, a porn stars, believes it is essential to give your girl multiple orgasms in each sex session to keep the relationship strong. While she admits she is not typical, and girls differ, she says she can have up to 25 orgasms in one love making session. So if you are giving your girl multiple orgasms do you need to put space between orgasms? Or can you keep stimulating her continuously? Depending on how hard she comes she may not want you to touch her. You need to let her vagina calm down. To do this you stop stimulating the vagina and kiss her neck, tell her how sexy she is. You let her be still in the moment. When she has calmed down you can go back to giving her oral sex again and then back to penetration. You can also mix this up. It is not always necessary to restart with oral. The rule is that if you keep stimulating her she will want more. But you should not be pile driving to give her orgasms on top of each other. You keep the stimulation up, but you back off. 

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