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Thursday, March 27, 2014

She Can't Control Her Attraction

- probably the most famous quote by dating coach David DeAngelo.
But what does it mean exactly?
It means women have no choice in feeling drawn towards a man who displays the attractive qualities women like.
In fact, as men, we also have little choice - you don't decide who you are attracted to. When you see a beautiful woman or someone who is "just your type", attraction just happens, instantly. It is not a logical process.
The same thing happens to women, although the qualities they look for are different.
This is excellent news. It means that if you just learn what these qualities are, and how to display them genuinely, you will naturally and easily become much more attractive to women.
And you will also become a better, stronger, happier man in the process.
That is what improving your dating skills should be about.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Give Value First, So She Can Commit to You
Before a woman agrees to interrupt what she is doing and spend time talking to you, you need to provide some value first.
Most guys do not understand this basic principle and therefore come off as "losers" when they approach women in bars.
They typically try to GET value (get the woman to talk to them) before displaying any value of their own.
The usual conversation will go like this:
"Hey babe...Can I buy you a drink? You are sooo hot...What's your name? Come here often?"
Why does this rarely works for most guys?
It's basic human psychology: people want to know that an investment (whether in time, in attention, in money) is going to be worth it, BEFORE they commit to it.
What to do then?
To consistently get women attracted to you, you FIRST have to show that you have a lot going for you. That you are an attractive guy with much value to add to their life. THEN they will more than welcome your approach and want to know more.
WHAT you say and HOW you say it can be tweaked to display those attractive qualities in the first few seconds...Click here and learn from the best

Secrets Of Charisma And Congruence

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Rejection..It's Like Playing the Lottery Boys
"Rejection. This is by far the #1 fear people have. From birth society has programmed us to fear rejection. This makes logical sense because those who are rejected, in general, reap fewer benefits in society (financially and socially). Click here to master this.
In order to get anywhere with other people, you must risk rejection. Avoiding these risks (to subsequently avoid rejection) will leave you in the same position as someone who is rejected 100% of the time. This is not groundbreaking news. You already KNOW this. Why do you still avoid rejection? It's because the rejection itself has prioritized itself over the benefits of acceptance.
Simply put, you must learn to accept rejection is natural and move on in spite of it. Each new person/group is a new opportunity. It's like playing the lottery for free. If you are successful with someone, you're ahead. If you're not successful, you're essentially in the same position as before. So start taking these free spins because if you don't you'll always miss out". Click here to master this.

When You Should and Shouldn't Pay on Dates with Women
There is so much confusing advice about when guys should pay for dates these days. Let's cut to the chase. It's not complicated.
Here is all you need to know about money and dates:
1. Don't use money to try to impress her.
2. Don't let the bill cause awkwardness.
In practice this comes down to:
A. You are best off assuming that you're going to pay and planning accordingly. This has the additional bonus of showing her you can take care of her, which if done correctly should make her perceive you as dominant rather than supplicative.
B. If she offers to pay, she might just be offering out of politeness. Social convention implies that you should wave this off. If she offers again, or says something like "let me get this one" then let her contribute. Otherwise, you risk violating the second rule: don't let the bill cause awkwardness.
Tip: It's good practice to set up an easy going sharing frame with a woman around the payment. With responses like: "I'll pay for this, and next week you can take me to that wine bar you were telling me about." you get the benefit of smoothly setting up a potential next date. Click here to learn more.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Should You Mirror What She Does?
Guys often think they have to act the same way the woman is acting, in order for her to be attracted.
Often books on "rapport" suggest rapport-building techniques such as matching a person's voice tone and their pattern of speech, and mirror their gestures, etc.
The idea is that they will think : "You are like me, I like you more".
This can be effective in business situations, but not in attraction.
You can sometimes use this is she feels uncomfortable for some reason, and or at a later stage after you have attraction, but as a rule, not at the beginning of an interaction.
Much better is to understand when SHE is trying to get rapport with you.
If she is showing signs of rapport, mirroring you, synchronizing her body with yours, touching you, laughing with you, then you are on the right track.

The Biggest Myth of What Makes Women Loyal
There is a big myth commonly accepted as good dating advice. It is this...
"You will get loyalty out of the deal after courting her."
"People are more loyal to friends than lovers these days."
"The more you sacrifice, the less loyal they are."
When you first meet her you will start setting expectations for the relationship. You need to start with 'friendship' over 'courtship'.
The mistakes is "Putting courtship before friendship or completely forgetting friendship."
The incorrect idea behind this mistake is that if you do everything for a woman, and you sacrifice, you sweat and you bleed for her - she will be loyal to you. In fact, that does not lead to a loyal relationship.
If you set the expectation that you sweat for her. You court her no matter what. She doesn't expect to do anything to support you. She expects you to move sun and earth to serve her whim. It doesn't even make her happy. Women aren't happy being with a guy they don't do anything for.
Quality women want to help their men be better. They want to support him. If he expects a lot from them, if expects her to be good to him, if he expects great things from her, and to make his life better. Then you both make each others lives better. And you breed loyalty.