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Sunday, March 9, 2014

Rejection..It's Like Playing the Lottery Boys
"Rejection. This is by far the #1 fear people have. From birth society has programmed us to fear rejection. This makes logical sense because those who are rejected, in general, reap fewer benefits in society (financially and socially). Click here to master this.
In order to get anywhere with other people, you must risk rejection. Avoiding these risks (to subsequently avoid rejection) will leave you in the same position as someone who is rejected 100% of the time. This is not groundbreaking news. You already KNOW this. Why do you still avoid rejection? It's because the rejection itself has prioritized itself over the benefits of acceptance.
Simply put, you must learn to accept rejection is natural and move on in spite of it. Each new person/group is a new opportunity. It's like playing the lottery for free. If you are successful with someone, you're ahead. If you're not successful, you're essentially in the same position as before. So start taking these free spins because if you don't you'll always miss out". Click here to master this.

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