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Saturday, March 1, 2014

The Biggest Myth of What Makes Women Loyal
There is a big myth commonly accepted as good dating advice. It is this...
"You will get loyalty out of the deal after courting her."
"People are more loyal to friends than lovers these days."
"The more you sacrifice, the less loyal they are."
When you first meet her you will start setting expectations for the relationship. You need to start with 'friendship' over 'courtship'.
The mistakes is "Putting courtship before friendship or completely forgetting friendship."
The incorrect idea behind this mistake is that if you do everything for a woman, and you sacrifice, you sweat and you bleed for her - she will be loyal to you. In fact, that does not lead to a loyal relationship.
If you set the expectation that you sweat for her. You court her no matter what. She doesn't expect to do anything to support you. She expects you to move sun and earth to serve her whim. It doesn't even make her happy. Women aren't happy being with a guy they don't do anything for.
Quality women want to help their men be better. They want to support him. If he expects a lot from them, if expects her to be good to him, if he expects great things from her, and to make his life better. Then you both make each others lives better. And you breed loyalty.

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