Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Thursday, July 11, 2013

YOU pick yourself up BOY
Don't you dare relent.
Don't you dare give up on learning this whole "attracting women" thing..
Is it hard?
Is it a bit difficult?
Is it a little bit of a challenge for you?
I'm so sorrryyyyyyy.
It is hard. At first.
It's not white roses and sitcom TV.
It's not watered-down, it's not phony, it's not forged, it's not make-believe, it's none of that shit that goes down easy but does NOTHING for you.
Learning how to attract AWESOME women is going to be hard at first.
It's worthwhile - it's supposed to be a challenge.
But if you're smart (and homey, you are), you'll always remember:
It's a SKILL you're learning here.
A motherfvcking skill.
Like riding a bike.
That means it's hard at first, and you feel like you have no idea what you're doing.
You fall. Often. In front of your neighbors and the cute girl from class with the freckles.
And your Dad isn't there to pick you up when you do.
Childhood's over. MAN UP TIME. 
And you go at it again.
And again.
And again.
Then one day, when the frustration of constantly failing at the same thing
is just too fvcking get it.
You ride free, for a good 6 seconds.
Balance makes sense.
The yin and yang come together.
It feels incredible, the wind at your back, the world on your plate,
just ready to be DEVOURED.
Then you fall all over your fvcking face but you don't care.
You DID it. If only for a second.
And you realize..
You didn't constantly fail at the same thing.
You just learned a shitload of ways not to do it.
And you learned discipline beats motivation every time. 
Which led you.
To this moment.
Where it clicked for you.
And you learned how it.
You got it. 
So you race back towards your fallen bike, pick it up and get right back on.
You ride for a second, and fall.
And you fall again.
But it doesn't feel hard or tedious anymore.
This is fun..
Because you know what it feels like now..
You can TASTE it..
You can SEE it..
The opportunities have EXPANDED and GROWN..
Just riding around the world, standing on the pedals, riding with no handles, letting the cute girl with the freckles become mesmerized watching you, feeling truly free, champion of the two-wheeler..
You WANT it.
Each fall becomes exciting to you.
Each fall becomes a WIN for you..
Because now you get it..
Each one is leading you closer to PERSONAL GLORY.
So you fall and fall and fall and fall and fall and then you get it.
Maybe you're not Don Juan yet..
Maybe you still have bad body language sometimes or act a little needy when you know you shouldn't..
So fvcking what.
You're RECOGNIZING IT, right?
You're recognizing that those are just falls..
And you're fixing them.
Adjusting them.
Being self-correcting.
And each week, it's getting better.
You're getting smoother.
It's becoming less conscious and more letting your instincts take over now that
they GET what you need to do..
It's not difficult anymore..
It doesn't feel like a task anymore..
It's PLAY.
It's totally UNATTACHED.
Constant, undeterred, forward motion. 
How fvcking freeing it is..
And you're getting all these fantastic responses from awesome, attractive women and it's fueling you even more..
You're rising.
You're a fvcking phoenix..
Now you can picture your greatness..
And damn. It looks good.
So dude.
If you're somewhere short of "HIGHLY Naturally Attractive Man" right now..
And don't you have total pick of the best women for you yet..
Don't you dare stop.
Do you know how sad that would make me? :-)
And all the badass women out there who are ROOTING for you, waiting for you, hoping it's YOU that wins out..
Don't you dare relent.
It's a new skill and it's supposed to be hard. 
Thousands have done it before you, and we want you to be next.
Because life is better on this side.
It's more fun.
It's more free.
And the women are just so much more fvcking awesome.

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