Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Monday, February 20, 2012

TAKE IT LIKE A MAN....BE a man ..Be an AlpHa Casanova Men

It’s worth it. Everything else is an illusion.                                                              
Are you willing to pay the price? Do you even agree with what I’m saying?
In a minute I'll show you a simple trick to unleash the Alpha 
Male gene inside you that makes women attracted to you - like 
bees to honey.

That means, if there's a woman you like right now...

* You'll disable her shield and sweep her off her feet 

* She'll see you as "lover material" (instead of "just a 

* You'll flip an attraction switch triggering her to pursue 

If you're afraid of being rejected by a beautiful woman, if 
you don't know what to say to her, if you're worried women 
won't find you attractive or think women laugh behind your 
back, with this little trick you'll put those problems behind 
you and find out what to say to get her fantasizing about you 
even if she ignored you before. 

The fact is, pick up artists, KNOW there's NO magic MOJO to 
get a phone number, or get a date.

Here's the formula: You approach a woman, you attract her by 
offering something she values, you connect in a way that 
resonates deeply with her and moves her to want more of you.

It's really that simple. 

So, WHY does it seem such a stressful and impossible task? 

        Why Weak-Willed Men Will Never Get The Girl
The problem is beautiful women have embedded behavioral
shields they use to select men. Most men don't know how to 
break through and inspire her mind the right way. Instead 
they let women walk all over them.
Women find it BORING and UNATTRACTIVE (even if a man is
rich, handsome and famous).

THE TRUTH: nothing excites women more than an interesting
man who opens up her mind, leads her imagination and is different
from the weak-willed men she meets daily.

             How do you break through her shield?

I'll show you a subconscious "loophole" in female psychology 
you can use to pass her ATTRACTION TESTS.

Ready? Let's get started...

Recall the last time you spoke to a girl you liked. Maybe you 
met her at work, school or a bar? Or maybe you've known her 
for a long time? Stop and think for a second. Picture one 
specific girl in your mind.

Do you remember the first time you saw her and spoke to her? 
The way she looked at you? How her hair fell, how she smiled 
and even how she smelled? Where was it? What was she wearing?

Remember, while talking to her, you wanted HER to find YOU 
attractive but didn't know what to say or do to make her feel 
you should be more than friends. But the fact is you had only 
those first few minutes to make her think:

"This is an interesting guy! I want to know more about him."

The female mind works differently than the male mind: LOOKS 
DON'T MATTER TO HER. What mattera is your attitude, how 
interesting you are and how you make her feel! 

Women don't want a BORING, LOW VALUE, BETA MALE man. 

Her mind is following the biological rules encoded in the 
female brain over thousands of years of evolution. Her 
subconscious evolutionary desire PUSHES her to find a HIGH 
VALUE ALPHA man worthy of her beauty. She may not even be 
aware of it, but her mind NEEDS to answer the following 
questions to find you attractive:

"Is he interesting? Can he entertain me and make me feel 
good? Is he strong or smart enough to protect me? Will 
people listen to him? Do other women find him attractive?"

She wants a man who she believes can protect her, provide for 
a family, and has a mindset tough enough to make his way in 
this world. Those are the characteristics of an alpha-male. 

A typical attractive woman is hit on by dozens of men in a 
day - hundreds in a month. And for each one she meets she 
needs to answer the question: "Is this guy an alpha male?"

Her brain tests every man she meets searching for alpha male 
qualities. The "Attraction Tests" she uses are typically:

-She'll ignore the men she meets. 
-She'll tease them. 
-She'll insult them. 
-She'll try to get them to buy her drinks. 
-She'll try to make them do her favors. 
-She'll attempt to bend them all to her will. 

Once a man bends and give in, the man fails because each of 
these ATTRACTION TESTS tell her the answer to her question: 

"This man isn't interesting...he's not lover material."

                   How to Pass her Attraction Tests

She really wants is a man who stands up to her demands. A man 
who gives it back as good as she can dishes it out. The trick 
is to NOT let her disqualify you and respond confidently with 
humor, mystery or a challenge. Here's how: 

* If she says "Buy me a drink."

  You smile and say "I don't buy women drinks. But if you 
  invite me, I'll tell you a secret." 

* If she says, "You're too short for me." 

  You say "No, you're too blonde, that's a deal breaker, or
  you'd be my type. So, let's just be friends."

* If she says, "You're too old for me." 

  You say "I'm young enough to do it often. And old enough to 
  do it right."
Most don't pass her early ATTRACTION TESTS because they didn't
know they're tests. They falsely believe doing or saying what she
wants will be attractive. They couldn't be more WRONG.

Now, here's where the BEING INTERESTING part comes in... 

 When You Pass a Woman's Attraction Tests, She Gets Excited 

With each test you pass she thinks: "This is intriguing, I 
wonder how far he'll get." 

Her attraction grows. She keeps testing how interesting you 
are and how you make her feel until you pass her bar for the 
man she wants. Now you're her potential romantic partner.

If you don't give in and you've got the guts to be a man, 
you can pass any woman's tests and make her want you.

Your job is to be more INTERESTING to show HIGHER VALUE than 
the other men who approach her. How do you do that?

The easiest, quickest path to showing her you're a HIGH VALUE 
man is to Use DEMONSTRATIONS OF HIGH VALUE routines. 

These are pre-planned conversational pieces designed to make 
you more INTERESTING than other man in the room. After you 
DEMONSTRATE HIGHER VALUE she'll stop treating you like a 
friend or a stranger and start FLIRTING with you.


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