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Saturday, August 17, 2013

A Trick from Romance Novels - False Barriers
In almost all romance novels, there's at least one barrier preventing lovers from being together. What keeps women's eyeballs glued to these books is the unresolved emotional tension sparked by the barrier. They have to keep reading until the lovers get past the barrier. Let's look at an example of creating a false barrier within the context of using Push-Pull techniques. When the words flowing out of a woman's mouth ooze sarcasm, I'll chide, "You're very sarcastic." Oftentimes, women will sense that I'm criticizing them and begin to explain their behavior. Before they get a chance to respond, I'll say, "I know this because I'm sarcastic too. If you and I hung out, we'd have the best time making fun of everyone... but then we'd be karmically tainted. So you and I should  never hang out."  Time and again, women clamor, "No... that's not true... We'd get along great. We should totally hang out."
Accusing her of being sarcastic Pushes her away. Establishing the sarcastic  commonality Pulls her in. Giving her a reason that you cannot hang out with her creates a false barrier and Pushes her away.  She feels compelled to close the Tension Loop by overcoming the barrier. To do so, she has to convince you that you should hang out with her. This sets the Meta-Frame that you're the Prize she is trying to win over.

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