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Friday, August 23, 2013

The Truth About The Friend Zone...Alphas
There is NOTHING wrong with being friends with girls.Truth is, I LOVE girls, and I LOVE being friends with them. More than men. Additionally my dude, it is INCREDIBLY positive for you and your dating skills to have many girls that are just your friends. I remember the first time I realized how powerful this was. I went out with a girl I was seeing and a few of her friends. It was years ago, in prison I mean college. Me and her hung out on the living room couch as her friends got ready for the night.
I watched the work they went through, with the make-up, and the different dresses, and the various shoes, and the gossip about different guys in their social circle and so on. Then when we went out and were chilling at a table, it was incredibly enlightening for me to hear what they said about random guys approaching them vs guys they already knew approaching them. I don't even know if they were aware of it, but we'll get to that in a second. I've only said 14,000 times in 2013 so I'll say it again now.
Meeting girls through your social circle, even if it's a 10-second introduction through someone else you barely know is a LIFE-CHANGER. The difference is palpable, and on that night, it was unmistakable. A couple typical confident dudes comes up trying to talk to two of the girls at our table, and stay for 60 seconds before they take the hint... Their approach was strong, and they were chill.
Didn't matter. Right when they walked away, the girls turn to us and go, "God this place is so creepy." Not two minutes later, two other guys come up and they're literally cutouts of the same cloth as the first two guys. No visible difference in how they're dressed, body language, etc and they say the same things as the other guys.. "What's up? What's been going on? Did you hear what happened with X? Cool, we'll see you guys later.." Right when they walk away, the girls turn to us again and go,
"They're kinda cute, aren't they? We met them through Sara the other day.." Being a social dynamics friend, then as much as now, I never forgot that unmistakeable lesson. A lesson I would have never learned from the outside, one that I only truly felt and experienced because I was only friends with these girls. OK. You hear that? I WASN'T TRYING TO FVCK THEM. By choice.... I was only FRIENDS with them. I chose them to be just my friends. Now, a lot of guys reading this grew up with such "friend zone" issues that they've developed a hatred at the mere thought of it. They don't want to be friends with a girl, ever. That'd be losing, that'd be no different than how it used to be. I call bullshit, motherfvcker. It is different. No longer are you getting stuck in a make-believe friend zone.
Today, and from now on.. You are the one putting the girl in the friend zone. You put her there. You decided YOU wanted to just be friends with her, at least for now. You still treat her like any other girl.
You tease her, you challenge her, you don't give a fvck around her, but you are not trying to do anything physical with her. She's just a friend who probably happens to be attracted to you.
So now when you go out, you have friends that are girls to go out with. Think that's going to help your game? They introduce you to other girls. You claim the ones you like, and sleep with them. Think that's going to make your friend want you even more? But you're still just playful and challenging with her, like you are every girl. She's just your friend. Here's the secret I promised you before, that makes this whole thing work, and makes all the difference in your steez. Burn this to the inside of your skull, por favor. it is IMPOSSIBLE for a High-Status Male to be put in the friend zone. There is no such thing as a friend zone for a High-Status Male. He's got many girls that are friends, and only friends, of his own volition, and at any time, if he wants something to happen with one of them, because he is high-status, he can make it happen almost instantly. 
Bottom line: Make girls your friends, be cool with them, play with them, mess around with them, challenge them.
Bottom, bottom line:
Understand, it's COOL to have a lot of girls that are your friends because now, as a charming, dashing, good-smelling high-status male, YOU'RE THE ONE THAT PUT THEM IN YOUR FRIEND-ZONE. You're in control. YOU can take them out of it whenever you want.
You can even tease them about it. Tell them, "They're so funny and cute, it's too bad you're in my friend zone." But actually mean it. Want NOTHING from them. Relax. Be cool. Awesome attracts awesome, so chill. Let the awesome come to you, know that it's on its way. Trust that it will.

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