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Friday, August 30, 2013

ALPHAS PLEASEEEEE.......Don't be a Social Robot
When you are meeting women you need to adjust your behavior to the way they respond. For example, if you use attraction tactic XYZ, it does not work all the time. Sometimes it will move you further away from winning her over. Each tactic works at the appropriate time with the appropriate woman. To know what to do you need to calibrate her reactions in two ways:
1. Where she is in the attraction process (e.g. disinterested, interested, attracted etc.)
2. Who she is and what she is all about
 Let's break this down:
 1. Where she is in the attraction process
You will get three types of responses when you meet women. Green light (you can move forward), Yellow light (not sure, you need to find out more information), red (stop what you are doing). If you get a green light you can move forward and show more interest in her. When you get yellow you should continue what you were doing to find out more. When you get a red light you should move backwards, and show more disinterest.
 2. Who is she and what she is all about Depending on her self esteem level, confidence and background she will respond more or less positively to different tactics. Learn through practice how to calibrate to who she is. Don't be a social robot. Learn to understand what a woman's reactions signal. Then you can adapt your game in real time and win her over. Click Here if you want to learn to be a Natural Alpha Man

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