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Saturday, August 10, 2013

Women's Emotions
Words and facts take a second place to emotions and the shifting moods of a relationship for women.
When she says, "I hate you," or "I'll never move to Texas," or "I don't want to go to the movies," it is often more a reflection of a transient feeling-wave than a well considered stance with respect to events and experience. Whilst a man's word is his honor - and he tends to stick to truths and his decisions.
The feminine says what it feels. "truth" of the feminine is whatever she is really feeling, in this present moment.
For the feminine, truth is a thin concept compared to the thickness of her flow of feelings. The
Implication: A woman will change her mind about things depending on how she feels. If you make her feel better, she will respond better.
You might ask her, "Do you want to go to the movies?"
She might reply, "Not really."
Then you hug her and spin her around and say,
"Let's go to the movies!" And she says, "OK!"

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