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Sunday, August 25, 2013

ALPHAS...No facts, Please
A big mistakes we make - as guys - is to make our conversations with women all about facts and hard data.
Women HATE this kind of talk. It bores the heck out of them. We men like it because it represents nice absolutes, and guys like to be able to put things in their absolute little drawer in the garage of life. But women want something different: They want to talk about FEELINGS. I know, ick. But that doesn't mean you have to suddenly become a therapist to know what to say to women. All you really need to do is just start talking about topics that guys AND girls like to talk about. I'll give you a fast clue as to what works best: DRAMA. Ever see one of those celebrities on the cover of "People" or some other magazine you normally roll your eyes at when you're at the checkout register? Yes, that's the stuff right there. Celebrity drama works GREAT for conversation with women. So drop the facts, man, and remember that what to say to women always means talking about something she can get emotionally involved in. 

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