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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Alphas Always Meet the Promoters...I mean Alwaysss!!!
In bars and clubs, the product is the crowd inside. Cool people, cool product. Dorks inside, bad product. You don't need to meet the owner or a club. He is in it for the money and won't come out that much. A lot of times people don't even know who the owner is when he walks in. The person you need to know is the small promoter that works for the big clubs - he is low on the food chain in terms of business, BUT he is the master of social networking and he has a lot of status in the club. These guys are organized and socially smart. They are given tools (coupons, free bottles, free tables) to show their value and make the place look cool. They invite cool people and good looking chicks to get a nice vibe that will attract actual paying customers. They need you more than you need them - they need phone numbers to call, they need to get people through the door. The prerequisite is: you need to present enough social value to be invited. How? With your clothing, your body language, and by bringing hot women with you down the line. You need enough social value that promoters recognize you as an asset and not a liability. They need to think "Here is a cool guy, he is someone who can join my parties, make the night better, he won't make me look stupid or bring lame people in".

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