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Friday, September 27, 2013

Changing to Become Good with Women is Hard, Make it Easier ALPHAS...

Getting good with women necessitates change. You will have to do things differently than before, become someone slightly different. However, change can be very difficult. Studies show that when doctors tell people that they need to "Change or Die" because of lifestyle behaviors that are affecting their health. 9 out of 10 times they don't change, and they die. Scary isn't it. Even faced with death we don't change most of the time. Here is a process that helps you to make change inevitable (and as a result the outcome of getting better with women). It sets up your environment to force an outcome that you want.
1. Identify something that you want to do (change) but can't get yourself to do it?
2. Think about why you aren't doing it? For example, why is it painful for you to do it - what is the reason behind your resistance to do it.
3. Now, find something that would be more painful than that. Now commit to endure it if you don't do it. One example that is popular is giving money to the George W. Bush foundation if you fail.
4. Tell all your friends about this commitment. To give you peer pressure to keep your word (which is proven to be one of the greatest motivators). Even better, give the money to someone you trust to be strong, and tell them to do it if you don't meet your goal (change) by a specified time.
This is an extremely effective method to change. You need to create the situation where something more PAINFUL will happen if you don't change.

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