Life is too short to be a wussy

Be a MAn of Desire,,,,Life is Too Short to be a Wussy

Saturday, September 21, 2013


I followed each law to the letter and the result was me being surrounded by the most beautiful women in the club and guys drooling over them.
In fact I even remember one guy coming up to me half way through the night and saying “Dude, who are you and why do you have so many hot chicks around you?”
So what are the laws?
I’m glad you asked… pay attention.


I’ve put this at the top because I strongly believe in looking good. When you look the part, you feel confident, women respond well and it just compliments your game overall.
Get yourself some nice shoes, slim fitting jeans, slim fitting shirts and cool watch and get a cologne that women love.
You don’t have to spend a fortune on brands, you can even get no names. As long as it fits, that’s all that matters. Having said that, I would ALWAYS pay a lot of money for shoes.


In order to spark any sort of interest and eventually attraction, you need to start by building comfort which leads to her trusting you. Trust is a HUGE part of a girl being attracted on a deeper level.
When I speak to a girl, I come across as a confident, likable and funny character. I give off the energy that if her friends left her, I would look after her and not try anything dodgy.


Rapport goes hand in hand with comfort and is used to get inside her mind, connect with like most guys wouldn’t. The reason it’s an essential law is because if you used comfort alone, then you would be stuck in the friend zone.
There’s a key ingredient I need to mention though. When you’re building rapport you want to break it sometimes, so that you can generate attraction. If you don’t break it you would still run the risk of her thinking you’re just a “nice guy” and not a sexual partner.
Saying something like “You actually liked the new Hangover movie? Oh dear I can see us having a problem if your sense of humour is that bad!
This will lead to her hitting your arm in a playful way, thus sparking some attraction.


Now you have her trust and she’s attracted, you want to make sure she invests you in you. Say what? Invest in me? Yep. Because when someone invests in something, they are emotionally attached and they want it more… can you feel the power! Mwaahahahahha!
The thing to remember her is that you need to be a high status male. If you’re in the presence of a low status male, what does he do? Well he’s needy, talks about himself, wants approval and just looks like a fool. She’ll forget about him in no time.
The next thing you want to do is make her jump through your hoops. So you would ask them powerful questions that provoke thought and feeling. To begin qualifying her you would say something like “So what do you do for fun”, which is basic.
After she answers you could say “What’s the craziest thing you ever done?” which is a little more saucy. This will naturally lead onto “Where’s the craziest place you’ve had sex?” and so on.
See what’s happening here? She’s following your lead, by answering your questions and qualifying herself to you. Obviously this law can go a lot deeper, but you get the idea.


Now for the best part :)
Understanding that women get turned on mentally before they get turned on physically is the underlying thought process you need to come to terms with before applying this law.
Once you understand this… it’s time to play the mind games that women love. The way you touch women, will spike sexual interest so you must keep kinoing throughout your conversion. Obviously you need to touch the more intimate parts of her body for her to feel sexual.
In order to know when she’s ready to have sex, you’ll want to perform the kiss test on her. Once you kiss, it’s in the bag and it’s all about you manning up and taking her back to yours.


Oh and by the way, this works the best when you’re in a club but also works like crazy during the day too.
I’ve invited girls (friends) out to the park when it was sizzling hot… they brought their friends and boom… game on.
We had some pictures together, me in the middle with beautiful women around me… pre-selection kicks in and bam, the whole attraction process kicks in again. All because I apply the 5 laws over and over.

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