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Monday, September 23, 2013

F + C = Sexual Attraction.... This is The Exact Equation For Female Attraction...

Most guys think they know how to be fun/playful, but they don't because there's a right way to do
it, and a wrong way. 
The wrong way is making fun of themselves to get a laugh. This is weak, low-status behavior that makes women zip their vaginas shut.  They might laugh, but they're really thinking about that other guy over there who they can't seem to figure out because he keeps teasing her and leaning back like he's not interested but then he asks her interesting, personal questions
and she can't quite figure it out.. And when I tell most guys they need to be a CHALLENGEthey take it to mean not to talk to the girl at all. Cool story bro. So you're going to get the girl by not talking with her at all? Being a challenge is an ART, something you'll begin to figure out now that your brain is aware that's the attitude it needs to display. Here's my general attitude when I'm attracting a girl:
"Well what do we have here... This little girl has no idea what kind of charming asshole she just met and how irresistible she's going to find my unique brand of teasing, sarcasm and pushing her away, mixed in with my piercing eye contact, deep, attentive insights and total, raw, blunt, playful, self-entertaining conversational freedom. I'm going to make her earn it, give her a little, then take it away and make her earn it even more and only then when she really begins to prove herself is the deeper, real conversation going to begin."
Sometimes you're interested, sometimes you hold back and play it cool, acting as if you're really not that interested. Sometimes it's all about the vibe between you and her, other times it's about letting her see you hitting it off with another girls. NOW.. There are exact tools and tactics for being the right kind of playful and challenging, the kind that instantly makes girls wetter than Seattle. 
Here's a quick list of those techniques:
(See if you can figure out how each of these are PLAYFUL and CHALLENGING to her..)
* Lightly teasing her..Ex: "Did you shrink? You look shorter tonight. Aww, whatever, you're still the cutest midget in here."
* Lightly teasing other things or people with her..
Ex: "Look at this guy with the platform shoes on. How do you think his internal dialogue goes when he's getting ready for the night? I bet it's like, "Fvck, I look so awesome in these gangster platform shoes right now. I'm gonna get laid so hard tonight.."
* Playfully Disqualifying 
This is where you either come up with fake or silly reasons why you can't be with her, or her with you.
Ex: "Wait, you're from the Valley? That's cool but really sad too because we could never date now - I would never drive over the to hell, I mean the Valley, to see you and we both know long distance never works." You can also use this indirectly, by trying to set her up with other guys.This is one of my all-time favorites, I use it with stuck-up girls almost exclusively.Ex: "I can't believe someone as interesting as you is single. Crazy. Here, we're gonna do something about this right now, come one,
let's find you a boyfriend."
And then I'll lead her around the bar or club, pointing out all the guys she should be dating (of course, I only point out the nerdy looking dudes because it's way funnier that way). 
* Challenging her to a game..
And then you play with her the whole way through. Remember, you don't need anything crazy intricate here.  Or at a bar, to see who can get a phone number from someone faster. In Make Women Want You, I share a list of my favorite and most effective games to play with girls. The reason all of those techniques above work so damn well is because they all combine being PLAYFUL with being CHALLENGING to her, and again..
                                F + C = Sexual Attraction
When you combine both of those together with her, she cannot help it. On a chemical level, she begins to FEEL ATTRACTION (and NOW, she feels it for you). This is why you've been so successful in attracting the girls you didn't want but could never get the ones 
you REALLY wanted...With the ones you didn't want, you kept it light and playful and OF COURSE you were a challenge to them because you didn't actually want them. They could feel that, and couldn't help but feel ATTRACTION for you in return. But with the girls you really did want..
You wanted it TOO MUCH.
So much so, that it stopped you from keeping it light or playful.
You started to take everything too seriously.
You read too much into everything.
You made yourself available at every whim.
You were too interested, too soon.
You weren't a challenge at all.
No wonder she didn't feel attraction for you anymore dude...I don't mean to be harsh here guy, but I need you to understand exactly where you fvcked up in the past so you NEVER do it again.
From now on, now that you understand how female attraction works (and how it doesn't), I want you to be able to get every girl that you want..Try any of these techniques above and do them with a nonchalant, carefree attitude today.

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