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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Alphas...Beware of the Mirage of Control!!
"You can't control others, you can only control yourself. I know that if my woman were to violate any of my serious boundaries, I'd be GAAHHHN. Boom, field time again, and I'd enjoy that equally as much as being in the relationship. Not that I'd be entertaining negative outcome scenarios, but were it to happen, I'd have no problem getting back out there and letting the warrior loose. None. The game will always be a home for me." .."Most guys just 'settle down' with the first girl they're semi­-attracted to who will agree to [have sex with] them, and then when the relationship goes to [hell], they scratch their heads, wonder why, and REPEAT ad nauseam. You can't change people, you can only preselect to the best of your ability and see what happens."
You should always keep in mind in relationships:
1. You can't control others: Other people will always do what they want to do (eventually). You can subdue that for a while, but eventually they will resent it and do what they wanted at first, and you will have a damaged relationship on your hands. This also means "You can't change people."
2. You need to preselect from the start: Since women don't change, they will remain what they were when you met them. When you start dating her you are choosing her as she is. You have to know what is most important to you in a woman and what type of relationship you want in advance. You have to select your partners based on these realizations. Thinking you can train someone to change later is not realistic.
3. Most guys (and girls) settle for too little: The reason most relationships don't work (including the 50% divorce rate) is that people settle for less than their 'preselection' standards and needs. They notice things that aren't right but they get into the relationship because they don't have other options. They don't want to be alone. So they settle for less. Whilst learning to improve your dating skills can't give you control. It can improve your options. It can put off that temptation to settle and give you options that fit your needs.

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