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Monday, September 23, 2013

Are You Sabotaging Yourself by Destroying Sexual Tension?
How much sexual tension can you tolerate? It depends on your experiences and your nature. When you have a high threshold and can withstand a high degree of sexual tension it gives you a lot of power with women. If you can create sexual tension, you're cool with it, and she experiences it, she'll be more attracted to you. Problems often come when the guy has a low sexual tension threshold. If he's inexperienced, he'll experience sexual tension just by being around girls. And he will avoid the sexual tension. Just because his threshold is low. He will break the sexual tension. The ways he avoids the tension, and as a result destroys his ability to attract a woman include:
 1. Make a move: He will get too turned on, make a move and go for it. If he gets to the point of sexual tension too early, then the woman is not sufficiently attracted, it will be too early.
 2. Reject her or ignore her: Or act non-sexually, or act like he doesn't care about sex. This is more subtle than you may expect. Just by showing his disinterest he will miss the window. He will not make a move when it would be normal to do so. He avoids the uncertainty of potentially getting rejected by her, to shelter himself in the certainty of rejecting her.
 3. Distracting himself: Instead of focusing on her he will distract himself or her away from the intimacy that is building between them to something else. By distracting away from intimacy he reduces sexual tension.
 These are subtle ways in which many sabotage their own efforts with women. Think about how these may apply to you, and you may have done these things in the past.

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