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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alpha...What if She's Younger than You?

If you are or would like to date a girl younger than you the first thing to remember is to maintain the correct frame. This is a very common mistake amongst older guys. This means you should be thinking:

"The girl has to be mature enough to be with me..." not "I'm not young enough to be with her."

This is subtle. How you think translates unconsciously to your behaviors. If you don't have the correct frame you will sabotage yourself without you actually consciously thinking about it. Here are some examples of things you should and should not do to maintain this frame:
- DON'T try to impress them on their subjects such as latest music, DJs etc.
- DO rely on your maturity with things such as sophistication, life experience and sexual experience.
- DON'T be judgmental. For instance, don't say "That's what I used to do 20 years ago..." You will create a barrier between them and you.

The essence is to be yourself and emphasize the benefits of your maturity by talking about the topics you are interested in. She will find herself having to rise to your level of conversation, which will increase her attraction to you.

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